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We have always believed in the old saying that we must 'live life to the fullest' and we are here to do just that. Our retirement blog:  "Check this off our Bucket List" serves as a vessel to share our vast interests, and clue our readers into what inspires us in this ever-changing world.

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The 'GO-GO' Years!

We have been told that the 60's are the 'GO-GO' years, the 70's are the 'GO SLOW' years and the 80's are the 'NO GO' while we're in our 60's we are going! Going big, or going home, on a bucket-list, adventures!  Having finished our 4.5 month world cruise in May of 2023, we are embarking on new adventures which will take us to many places we have always wanted to visit.  Some will be local, others International, but we will be going and knocking things off our bucket list while we’re still young and able!

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Alaska and Christmas markets in Europe

After returning from our 2022/2023 World Cruise in May and spending the summer at home in Fort Erie, we now have  more fantastic adventures planned before we settle into 'snowbird' life in Plant City, Florida for the winter.  
Our first adventure is on the Norwegian Encore for a 7 night Alaskan cruise!  Christmas will bring even more adventures in Europe on the Viking Bragi longship from Budapest to Amsterdam enjoying the Christmas markets along the way.  We are in the planning stages for more exciting destinations in 2024 so stay tuned to see what we are doing!

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Not another storm!!

If its not here, its back home! We are closely watching a storm on Lake Erie online and thankful we have lots of good people watching...

It was so worth the long drive!

They say a picture tells a thousand words...well here are a few pictures where no words are necessary! Grandpa hasn’t lost his touch! We...

Not again!

Yes...say it ain’t so! Killing another night somewhere we didn’t want to be! Last night when we looked at the weather we knew it wouldn't...

Not more snow!!!

So this warning just came through....looks like we might not get to Cranbrook tomorrow! Winter Storm Warning for Elk Valley Active for...


But not us! Thank goodness.....Wow what a crazy drive today....!!! We left Swift Current, Saskatchewan this morning around 9am where it...

Another night at the same Walmart?!!!

So today we went absolutely no where!!! Well that’s not quite true. We did unhook Jerry the Jeep from Newman and went across the street...

Bad things come in three’s don’t they?

Where were we now? Ah yes...sleeping in a Co-op truck stop in Moosomin, Sask. After filling up with diesel and propane this morning (we...

A Powerful Colorado Low!

We always knew that travelling across the country in November could be fraught with potential weather delays...we just hoped it wouldn’t...

Are we still in Ontario?!!!

Yes we are! 5 days of driving and still in Ontario...what a big Province Ontario is! You don’t realize how big it is until you have to...

Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?

I know, I know its only November 6th but some people will say it‘s never too soon to start! How that relates to our travels today I’ll...

Do you know Joe?

WE DO! And he sure helped us out in North Bay this morning!!! What a story....unbelievable! One of the hardest thing about travelling...

Do you smell smoke?

Never a good thing to say to start the day...and I hadn’t left the bedroom get those minds out of the gutter! Richard is...

Are you kidding me?

That is exactly what we were thinking as we cruiised through Oakville, Ontario, 75 minutes into our trip when the check engine light...

Are we ready for our next chapter?

I think the correct answer is YES indeed! After 37+ years tomorrow is my last day!...and don’t tell anyone but I’m cutting out a bit...

Check this off our Bucket List is live!

We are doing this! Retirement!! Wow...hard to believe after 37+ years of working full time it’s coming down to 16 days left before we...

14 days and counting...

Well its hard to believe but our retirement journey is about to BEGIN! We are busy prepping the rig (Newman) and getting ready to start...

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