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Do you know Joe?

WE DO! And he sure helped us out in North Bay this morning!!! What a story....unbelievable!

One of the hardest thing about travelling across Canada in an RV in November, besides the weather, is finding places to fill up with fresh potable water.

Now here’s the story...Richard (who we know will talk to anyone!!!! And sometimes himself if there is no one to talk to), was at the Canadian Tire gas station in North Bay filling up with diesel fuel and asking everyone he saw where he could get fresh water for the RV? Richard had already paid for our fuel and sure enough...he starts speaking to the guy next to our RV who is filling a couple of Jerry cans with gas. Richard says “you know, my wife just retired yesterday, we’re on our way to BC for the winter and I can find diesel anywhere on the road, but I can’t find potable water. I heard there was a water management facility in North Bay where I can get water., do you know if its any good?” To which the guy pumping fuel - named JOE - says, “Come on over to my place. I‘lol let you fill up if you have a long water hose .”. So Richard, being the trusting soul he is drove over to Joe’s place who just so happened to own a collection of industrial buildings including a mining supply company where Richard was able to fill up the fresh water tank. EASY PEASY....and now we know Joe in North Bay! THANK YOU JOE...our hero of the day!

We left North Bay around 10:30am and stopped for lunch in Newman at MacPherson’s General Store in Kenogami Lake. A great little gift store with an LCBO outlet in it, so Richard is now enjoying a Jameson’s Irish Whiskey as we are parked in another Walmart...this time in Kapuskasing. Getting cold this evening. First night below freezing -2C.

Tomorrow we head to Dorion, near Thunder Bay for our first Harvest Host experience!

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1 Comment

Nov 06, 2020

Wow! Glad everyone is safe and sound. What an adventure already!!!!

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