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14 days and counting...

Well its hard to believe but our retirement journey is about to BEGIN!

We are busy prepping the rig (Newman) and getting ready to start packing for our 5 month trip.

I’m trying to figure out what clothes to bring? and where our are clothes going to fit? and what kitchen appliances and food to bring? Richard on the other hand is concerned about an oil change, oil and water filters...It’s good we each have our own area of expertise...LOL!

I’ve convinced Richard I need my road bike to keep up with my physio in B.C. So now we have to figure out where to put the bike while we travel (maybe in the back of Jerry the Jeep?). It will be great to get out and ride in beautiful Vancouver Island.

There is still a lot of packing to be done and I really do need to create a list so we won’t forget anything. Work sure does get in the way of preparing for retirement! Now back to the next TEAMS call for me!

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