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Not another storm!!

If its not here, its back home! We are closely watching a storm on Lake Erie online and thankful we have lots of good people watching out for our house and backyard. More on the storm later on in the blog.

As we said before its never too early to decorate for Christmas! Luckily we’ve been in enough Walmart parking lots overnighting with Newman to patronize their fine Christmas wares! I have to say their decorations are extremely tasteful and the “canadiana” theme this year helps make Newman, our home on wheels a bit more festive!

Since we were already in the Christmas spirit, we decided to buy baby Owen his Christmas gift a wee bit early. We thought a cute little baby sleigh would be the perfect gift to help Jon and Christal take Owen outside when Cranbrook gets a lot of snow! And I think that ”lot of snow” is normal in Cranbrook!

We spent the morning looking all over Newman’s basement for our Insta Pot which we swear we packed for this trip...somehow it has vanished though so off to Walmart we went for a new one. They have certainly improved these things since we purchased our last insta pot...a super duper one with an air fryer attachment! We can’t wait to try out that feature down the road somewhere. Today’s delicacy which we are making using the slow cooker feature on the insta pot is bacon wrapped chicken breasts, with garlic and brown sugar. Jon and Christal’s home smells so good and we can’t wait to have a nice home cooked meal tonight with middle eastern style basmati rice and maple glazed oven roasted carrots....yum! All foods that shouldn’t upset little Owen’s belly!

So today being Sunday at the Masters, we were lucky enough to have a data plan for Rogers which we are using very heavily across the country! We have a Wineguard wifi booster on the roof of Newman, but every RV park we’ve been in across Canada has had a very poor wifi signal. We were warned about this though, so we’ve been heavily buying more Roger’s data to be able to watch our Amazon fire stick in our TV and to stream the Masters on my ipad. This morning in fact I was able to do my workout while watching the Masters!

It was nice to see DJ finally win the Masters. He made it look easy to shoot the record low score at 20 under. Not bad for a guy who just recovered from Covid19 a few weeks ago.

We decided to try and get some happy family snaps with my digital camera set up on the tripod. Owen was particularly co-operative and while we were all supposed to look at Owen, grandpa didn’t follow directions!

Well he wasn’t happy in this one!

We also went for a lovely walk around the neighbourhood with Owen and Diesel the dog. It was nice and hilly and my reconstructed knee/femur was actually able to walk the hills!

Its so nice to be settled for a few days to visit with family and relax....but the storm that is blowing on Lake Erie right now is one which we are very worried about. The winds are currently gusting at up to 80 km/hr, with a steady wind of 40-60km/hr. Our next door neighbour has said all the work they did to fix their shoreline from last year’s storm has been for naught But our rebuilt shoreline is currently holding and we are ok for now.....let’s hope it stays that way! What is with 2020 and the weather? Isn’t COVID enough???

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Nov 16, 2020

Ornaments are so cute and the sled is adorable!! Great pics of your trip and grand baby. He is so cute🤗 What a good win for DJ! Can’t believe only 5 mos. for next Masters⛳️ When will you be back home?

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