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Are we ready for our next chapter?

I think the correct answer is YES indeed!

After 37+ years tomorrow is my last day!...and don’t tell anyone but I’m cutting out a bit early....

We had a fantastic virtual retirement party this evening! I must thank two special people who I‘ve had the pleasure to work closely with for the past 2.5 years for organizing such a great send off. It was nice to hear from everyone who I’ve had the chance to meet and connect with over the years in the Automotive industry in Canada. It meant a lot for Richard to be with me on the call as he’s been my “strong supportive spousal unit” while I was working the long hours at the Bank. And don’t forget I will be collecting on those golf games next year now that my broken femur is healed. I also look forward to some patio lunches when I’m back next spring with the “non golfers” too...after all I can’t golf every day that ends with “DAY”!

We’ve packed up Newman and Jerry and they are still neat and tidy with room to spare... All of those years we both spent on planes with carry on luggage is sure coming in handy to help us decide what is ESSENTIAL??? And what can we live without??!!

First stop tomorrow will be overnight at the Hitch House RV park where we will have new air conditioning covers installed on Newman first thing Wednesday morning. The windy storms of Lake Erie blew one of the air conditioning covers off on the weekend, so we need a replacement before we travel out West...let’s hope that’s the only repair we need along the way.

I found this mat for the RV on Amazon which I believe is very appropriate and just imagine Jerry Seinfeld saying it in that voice of his....

Let the great big cross country adventure begin!

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