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Check this off our Bucket List is live!

We are doing this! Retirement!! Wow...hard to believe after 37+ years of working full time it’s coming down to 16 days left before we begin our big adventure in Newman (the RV) with Jerry (the Jeep).

Our journey will be 24 days (if all goes according to plan) to get to the ferry in Vancouver. We have the ferry booked for a November 28th crossing and we hope the weather will co-operate as we drive across the country.

Along the way we are really looking forward to meeting our first grand baby - Owen Benjamin in Cranbrook, BC, where we will spend 5 days visiting and catching up on our laundry!

Lighthouse RV Park in Fanny Bay will be our home for the winter. Just south of Courtney/Comox. We’ve reserved a spot right on the ocean in this very small 30 rig RV park. A perfect destination to self isolate and explore the island for the winter. With the border closed and Florida out of the question this year due to Covid, we are making lemonade out of lemons!

Fanny Bay is also very well known for their oysters and the retail store is about a driver’s length away from our RV park. We are definitely looking forward to oysters, mussels, salmon and halibut all fresh from the ocean this winter!

We leave on our journey my last day of work...nothing like jumping right into retirement with both feet (and we have about 60 feet of RV & tow car)!!

Jonathan, Owen and Christal at the pumpkin patch last week. Beautiful big sky country in Cranbrook, B.C.

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3 comentarios

30 oct 2020

We are all so excited for you two. Be safe, we know you will. Hope the weather holds for your big adventure. Looking forward to some amazing stories and pictures

Me gusta

20 oct 2020

Looking forward to your trip, we love “couch” traveling.

Me gusta

20 oct 2020

So exciting Ruth and Richard! Thanks for starting this blog so that we can live vicariously through the two of you as you embark on this cross-Canada journey together.

Me gusta
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