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Another night at the same Walmart?!!!

So today we went absolutely no where!!! Well that’s not quite true. We did unhook Jerry the Jeep from Newman and went across the street to Canadian Tire for water in the RV. I’m not sure exactly how Richard does it but he has found the graciousness of strangers as we’ve travelled across Canada on our trip. Thank you Tyler Lemieux, GM at Canadian Tire Swift Current. You are a fine Canadian! And now that the water is refilled, Richard can finally have a shower today. The gauge for our fresh water doesn’t seem to be working and even when it was overflowing it still shows half empty, so maybe that “navy” shower I had today really wasn’t necessary!

Today gave us a chance to catch our breath after 8 straight days of driving to wait out the storm that is hitting Swift Current. -12C before the windchill and 26km/hr winds and snow. There is so much snow here the plows are picking it up and trucking it away somewhere. And to think they were cutting the grass here last week! The road to Medicine Hat on the way to Lethbridge, Alberta is known for blowing and drifting snow and poor visibility so we decided not to chance it today and to stay put at Walmart in Swift Current for another day and night. Check out the snow banks in the parking lot behind Newman!

Our fun today was driving Jerry around town with crazy snow covered roads to go to A&W for a couple of Teen Burgers for lunch. Good thing Richard grew up in Quebec because he can drive in snow like nobody’s business, especially without snow tires on the Jeep.

Richard worked on the windshield wipers with some WD40 and I think he has them finally working properly! The roads will be messy tomorrow and we need to have them working well. We woke up to an icy, frozen windshield this morning.

There is not much to do in Swift Current and even worse on Remembrance Day. Everything is closed up tight! We tried going to the mall but only the Dollarama and Walmart were open. Dollarama sells septic friendly toilet paper - 4 rolls for $1.75 so this was still a handy stop for us.

Richard now has a nice green long sleeved Saskatchewan Roughriders tee shirt as a souvenir of Saskatchewan. He will wear it and remember our ”wonderful” 2 night stay in Swift Current!

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