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Two repairs and still made our destination for the day!

We started the day at the Hitch House north of Barrie for our two A/C shroud cover replacements. 11am sharp the work was started and $654 later we were on our way. OUCH!!!

Next stop was Steer Industries near Creemore to check out why the “Check Engine light” kept coming on and quickly going off. We arrived promptly at 1pm for our appointment and quickly diagnosed we had a faulty fuel pressure sensor which needed replacing. $174 later we were on our way. What a relief though it wasn’t something more serious with the engine!

We left Creemore at 2:50pm and decided to make our way to Walmart in North Bay. This meant driving in the dark with lots of signs telling us to watch out for wildlife at night. We arrived safely at 6pm. Still felt like a long day, despite not really going anywhere on our route until 3pm with all of the sitting around waiting to get going.

Tomorrow another Walmart...heading to Kapuskasing...a 51/2 drive. It sure takes a long time to get out of Ontario!

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