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Not again!

Yes...say it ain’t so! Killing another night somewhere we didn’t want to be!

Last night when we looked at the weather we knew it wouldn't be very smart, safe or sane to try and drive through the Elk Valley (Fernie, Sparwood) with the snowy weather conditions that were forecasted.

Today 27cm of snow fell in the Elk valley and another 15cm of snow is supposed to fall overnight.

So what do we do when we’ve got a “day off” with only an hour’s drive ahead of us? We figure out where we can get our ice maker fixed and where we might find new windshield wiper arms for the RV. Richard started by calling around to local RV dealerships in Lethbridge hoping to find a dealer who could service a Norco RV refrigerator, but no where in town could help us. We did find a Newmar dealer in Penticton, B.C. though who apparently carries $1million of RV parts, and they have what we need in stock. The wiper arms are not tight to the windshield and we really need them replaced for safety reasons. The ice maker is a bit of a bonus to have, and not a must have, but we’ll get the part replaced while we are there next week since we don’t know when we will find another Newmar dealer along our journey.

And for some added fun today we did LAUNDRY!! Getting Newman and Jerry parked close enough to the laundromat so we didn’t slip and fall with our two baskets of laundry was a real treat! It’s amazing how the roads just don’t get plowed in Alberta! Just let it melt I guess is their philosophy!

We have been on the road now for 10 days and its amazing how much laundry we accumulated in that time! $30, 3 washers and 3 dryers later we were heading out of Lethbridge down the road for a short 1 hour driver to Pincher Creek, Alberta.

On the drive to Pincher Creek the terrain definitely changed from the flat agricultural lands we had seen in most of Saskatchewan and Alberta so far. We finally could see the foothills of the Rocky Mountains!

I am missing watching the Masters! Usually this week I would be on vacation (that is still true though) and we would be down south in Florida golfing and we would have been glued to the tv in the lanai watching the Masters! I was able to watch a bit of the Masters though when we stopped for the night at Walmart in Pincher Creek on my ipad using Bell Fibe and hooking up to our Wineguard wifi system.

Since we hadn’t had lunch and it was 2:30pm I asked Richard to please walk over to the local “Luigi’s pizza” and bring us back a large pizza, but instead he found his own place to watch the Master’s and enjoy a cold glass of Chardonnay while he waited for the pizza! He assured me there was no one in the bar which was good, as we are NOT eating in restaurants these days with COVID. I wondered why the pizza took so long! There was alcohol involved! (Notice his very cool Dallas Cowboy’s mask!).

We put our new cozy Christmas flannel sheets on our amazingly comfortable Canadian made ENDY memory foam mattress today. Can’t wait to dive into them tonight! We have a heated mattress pad as well as a very heavy down duvet with a HBC flannel duvet cover. It’s so cozy in this queen bed that when my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light. The nights when it was -20C in Swift Current, Saskatchewan we didn’t feel the cold at all!

Fingers and toes crossed we can get to Cranbrook tomorrow! That grand baby needs some hugs!!!

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Nov 14, 2020

Take your time there are 2 to 3 low pressure front coming this week

lots of rain and wind , lots of snow in the mountains pass 😎


Nov 14, 2020

The Road looks okay, you are so close. The sheets look cozy.

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