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Is it too early to decorate for Christmas?

I know, I know its only November 6th but some people will say it‘s never too soon to start!

How that relates to our travels today I’ll let you know later......

We left Kapuskasing at 10:15am after finding a free dump station right on the Main Street of Kap, behind the BEER store of course!! What a quirky place to have a dump station?!! We hadn’t dumped our tanks yet and we’ve been on the road since Tuesday, and our grey tank (wastewater) was getting close to needing a dump, and while we were there Richard did both the black (sewer) and the grey tank. He get’s the fun jobs...or “blue” jobs as a good friend of mine likes to call them! For you non “RV’ers” during RV season -which closes in Ontario on October 31st each year, when you go to an RV park you can hook up directly to the sanitary sewers while camping. What we are doing to get across Canada is called “BOONDOCKING”. We knew this wasn’t going to be as easy as staying in RV parks, but as long as we watch our grey and black tank levels, our diesel and propane levels, and find fresh potable water, we can camp “off the grid” quite nicely.

While Richard was doing the dumping I got to walk around and see the “cultural“ highlights of Kapuskasing.

A pulp and paper mill was established in Kapuskasing in 1923 and the statue ”Passage through Time” honours the town’s history and shows the lumber going through the paper mill to become paper. There was also a train museum which was not open for tours today.

We were happy to leave ”Kap” as there was a lot of snow on the ground and it was cold at -2C last night.

We had a quick stop for lunch in Geraldton (don’t go there...nothing to see!!!)...and quite a boring drive to get there too...

After Geraldton the scenery started to get a lot more interesting. Lakes and hills and even some waterfalls!

We stopped for the night in Dorian at Canyon Country Co-op General Store at 4:30pm. The Co-op is our first “Harvest Host” experience. We joined Harvest Host to experience the opportunity to stay for free at farms, museums, wineries, craft breweries, cideries, golf courses and tonight at the Co-op. The idea is that we patronize where we are staying and purchase something to support the local business. So tonight we purchased homemade cabbage rolls, perogies and.....

.......our first RV themed Christmas decoration for our dining’s never too early to decorate for Christmas!

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