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You know that catchy tune?

The one they play on Jeopardy while everyone is writing their response to the Final Jeopardy question? That’s how we felt today. Hurry up and wait!

Richard was notified at 9:53am this morning that the solenoid part had been delivered to Zanchin’s by UPS. Just because the part had been delivered though didn’t mean that they could fit us into their schedule, and get the part installed in Newman.

To keep ourself busy and not upset about our delayed departure, we spent the morning packing up last minute items that we wanted to load into Newman, as soon he came home.

Around 1:30pm Richard called and asked if Zanchin’s thought that Newman would be ready soon and he was told that Newman would be ready by the end of the day. We were both really disappointed that we couldn’t leave today because we knew there was heavy rain headed our way overnight and in to tomorrow for our drive. If we had gotten away at some point today, we were hoping to get to North Bay, Ontario and overnight in the Walmart parking lot, but I guess it was not meant to be.

I dropped Richard off at Zanchin’s around 3:30pm and to keep myself busy I focused on reading my Kindle. I’ve read 36 books so far this year. My goal is 40 books and I’m definitely on pace to read more than 40 books!

Richard kept me updated on the progress that was being made at Zanchin’s by sending me photos.

Check out the feet under Newman!

The old part. No wonder it didn’t work anymore!

The new part! Fresh from its overnight flight from New Jersey. It’s amazing what you can find on Google!

And just as it was getting dark Newman arrived home! Richard immediately hooked up Jerry to Newman, so we could make a very fast departure early tomorrow morning.

It was really dark out when Richard was hooking up Jerry to Newman, but my Fuji XT-4 camera made it look like it wasn’t that dark!

We’re not sure where we will end up tomorrow night now that our campground reservations are no longer in place, but we hope that we don’t have to make too many adjustments to our itinerary when we get to British Columbia on the mainland. It all depends on how we feel, road and weather conditions.

And just for old time’s sake we will not be singing the final Jeopardy tune, but instead will be singing “On the Road Again” tomorrow morning, very, very early!

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