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What’s for dinner?

If you ever wanted to know what a weather ‘river’ looks like, here is a picture to help you visualize the weather river:

The rain is coming directly at Vancouver Island and the lower mainland in B.C., just like a river! I hope that river starts flowing somewhere else soon! As we prepared to head out for the day, this was the forecast we were faced with this morning. We are running out of ‘indoor‘ things to do and on Sundays many things are closed anyway!

This morning I had a visit with Abbie, my amazing osteopath who is still helping me with my ongoing therapy. Its so nice to have someone caring for me that knows what to treat and how to treat it! As I was seeing Abbie, Richard caught up on some phone calls with family back home and also did some shopping for us.

After I was finished with Abbie we weren’t sure where we wanted to go for a walk, since the rain was pretty steadily falling. We were very close to the Comox Harbour and since it wasn’t windy and we had our big golf umbrellas, we thought it might be a great spot to get a brief walk and enjoy the sights.

I’m not sure what I was looking at, but its quite the look! Those Blundstones need some waterproofing, but it has to stop raining for them to dry out!

A few brave souls out for a walk on the Comox pier today. Notice how foggy it is in the distance.

Another brave soul out for a walk today in the rain at the end of the Comox pier.

As we were walking down the pier we saw a family who were fishing. Just as we were getting close to them, one of them said ‘I’ve got a fish’!. We stood by and watched the drama as they tried to reel in this fish that they had on the line.

Fishing under the sheltered area on the pier. If you look closely, the line of the guy in the middle of the photo is bending, because he has a fish on the line.

The fish is coming up! He has it out of the water now. It looks like a very large fish too! If you look for the orange lure, you can see the fish on the line.

And just as he was about to bring the fish in, the fish was able to get off the line and the fish crashed to the rocks below. The fish was stuck in the rocks and we weren’t sure how the guy was going to get the fish back on the line, but with a lot of perseverance he managed twice to get the fish hooked back on the line.

Here comes the fish again! I wonder if he will reel it in this time or will it get off the line again?

And they finally landed the fish! Someone said the fish was a Pacific Red Snapper, but a local who was walking by said that this fish was a ‘West coast rockfish’, which is a ‘King of Fish’, with a sought after texture and flavour. After they caught this fish, they put the fish in their bucket and they left for the day. I guess we know what they are having for dinner!

Speaking of dinner.…tonight we were having roast beef and all the fixings and so after we walked around the Comox Harbour we decided to head to Walmart. I needed a mandolin to be able to chop up the kohlrabi for the coleslaw I intended on making for tonight’s dinner. Richard hates me using the mandolin since I almost lost a finger using one in Florida a few years ago, so I had to make sure I bought one today that has all kinds of safety protection built into it!

My first attempt at using the mandolin was to chop up some potatoes and try them out in the air fryer. Kettle chips anyone?

We quite enjoyed the kettle chips from the air fryer, but we wish our air fryer had another rack, to be able to do two batches of potatoes at the same time! I’ll have to order this air fryer double rack attachment to Florida so it is there when we get there.

After figuring out how to use the mandolin, my next task was to prepare the kohlrabi into matchsticks to put in a slaw with grated carrots and purple nappa cabbage. I had also bought some Miso yesterday and wanted to make a miso salad dressing from scratch for the coleslaw. Thank goodness for having good kitchen tools, since I brought our Vitamix with us to be able to make dressings from scratch. I have never worked with Miso before, but I’ve been reading about it and thought I would give it a go with these amazing veggies we bought yesterday in Courtenay, at the Farmer’s Market. It seems like everyone on the Island is a ‘foodie’ with magazines such as this one:

A guide to all things edible on Vancouver Island. I was reading this magazine this afternoon and finding new bakeries and places to eat! What an amazing free publication!

I also picked up this 2021 Comox Valley Growers Guide yesterday at the Courtenay Farmer’s Market.

I’m going to keep this Guide in Kramer, the Kona, so that wherever we are, we can always stop at a local farm stand to ‘buy local’ and buy fresh meat, seafood and produce. I wish we had such a great guide in Niagara!

A map of all of the farms and purveyors in the Comox Valley.

A guide to what is in season by month.

After preparing the coleslaw (which sure was a lot of chopping!) it was time to prepare the beautiful ‘Baron of Beef’ we had bought at our butcher in Courtenay.

I’m garlic studding the Baron of Beef. The veggies are all prepared and we are growing fresh rosemary in Newman, so I can snip off a few sprigs to add to the veggies. It was easier to sit and peel everything right into the garbage that stand at a low kitchen counter! I’m used to having higher counter tops at home, so standing over the lower counter in Newman for a long time, hurts my back.

The beast is ready for the oven. This is the first time we tried cooking a roast beef in our convection oven in Newman. The new Starfrit mandolin is in the background.

Richard was ready to decant this amazing red wine from the Okanagan Valley that we bought yesterday to have with our Baron of Beef. Notice his West Coastees shirt from Vancouver Island! St. Stephen and his lovely wife Karen told us about this brand and we have really enjoyed wearing our Vancouver Island gear since it is very cozy and good for West coast weather!

While we were waiting the 3 hours for our roast to be ready, I really enjoyed watching the Adele concert on tv this evening. What a beautiful, stunning venue in California for her outdoor concert!

Adele in concert tonight on Global tv.

The finished product! Our roast was amazing and perfectly cooked! We had everything from well done to medium rare on this roast!

Kohlrabi, carrot and purple napa cabbage slaw with homemade ginger miso dressing.

We had such a feast tonight for dinner! It was so nice on a rainy day to be able to relax and cook in Newman. I wonder if the fish that the guys caught this morning tasted as good as our roast beef for their dinner?

I had a nice afternoon looking through all of the local tourist magazines I picked up yesterday on our travels and I did find a few new things for us to check out while we are here on the Island. I think it may actually stop raining at some point tomorrow, which after 3 solid days of rain would be nice! We are itching to go for some more hikes and are really hoping we see the sun soon!

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