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What are you thankful for?

What a beautiful day for golf with glorious scenery and beautiful fall colours! ! That’s just a few things we are very thankful for today. The weather was a little chilly at 10C when we teed off, but it quickly warmed up to 15C and the course was fairly empty except for the threesome of guys in front of us. What a stunning golf course and we’re so happy we had a second shot at this beautiful golf course at Humber Valley Golf Resort.

Such a gorgeous golf course!

10th hole

Par 3, 14th. 140 yards, green tees. 111 yards, red tees. A red boat kept going back and forth on the Humber River while we were playing this hole.

A nice red motorboat against the fall colours.

18th hole Humber Valley Golf Resort, Par 5, 430 yards from the red tees.

And the result on 18 for me…a kick in birdie! I was very pleased with my round today. It’s nice to play a golf course a second time to know where to go, and where not to go!

We wanted to eat some lunch at Humber Valley Golf Resort after golf, but there was a wedding reception at the Resort today, and the dining room was closed to the public. After today, the Resort was closing for the season. We weren’t sure if the golf course was closing after today, but it won’t matter for us, since we are leaving to fly home Home tomorrow.

And speaking of things to be thankful for….Last night when I was writing yesterday‘s blog I heard from my friend Lady B in Chester, Nova Scotia. She told me that St. Stephen had made the National news on CBC!

St. Stephen, Director of Camp Evangeline in Debert, Nova Scotia, welcomed the military to the camp, to help clean up after Hurricane Fiona. After seeing the military were eating rations, St. Stephen rounded up some local volunteers to make their famous Camp Evangeline poutine for the military! What a way to say THANKS to all that the military is doing for the province after such a devastating hurricane. Now that is something to be thankful for! We always knew Steve Williams was a SAINT!! We will see St. Stephen and his lovely wife Karen when we get to Florida next month, as they live just 25 minutes north of us in Zephyr Hills, Florida.

After we finished golf today we headed into Corner Brook for some lunch and to scout out something I was curious to write about today

A very colourful sign in the downtown park in Corner Brook. The park is only called “Park”. I wanted to see the actual downtown of Corner Brook to see if there was any architectural places of interest, but I was quite disappointed with the downtown Main Street. There was nothing that really stood out as a reason to get out of the car and walk around.

Despite not much to see or do downtown Corner Brook, we saw that Regent Seven Seas Navigator cruise ship was in port today. I was curious to discover what itinerary this cruise was on so I googled it. Regent Seven Seas Navigator departs Montreal and ends in New York City after spending 11 days at sea. Corner Brook is the only stop for the ship in Newfoundland, taking passengers for a 7 hour bus ride to Gros Morne if they choose that excursion. The cost of the cruise if it was booked for October 2023 is $30,000 CAD for 2 people for the least expensive cabin. The ship holds 482 passengers. I think we will stick with our Viking Ocean cruise later this year. I’m not sure $30,000 for an 11 day cruise is all that great a value.

We were very thankful we were not staying at Hotel Corner Brook! This place definitely looked a bit tired.

We were struggling to find somewhere good for a late lunch/early dinner but I remembered that I had seen a restaurant that looked promising a few days ago on the same street as Newfoundland Comfort Food.

Jennifer’s restaurant in Corner Brook. We were not sure if this was a restaurant or a gift store since the place was all decorated for Christmas.

Richard ordered the seafood chowder. It was loaded with salmon, cod, shrimp and scallops. He said it was delicious and he rated it 8/10 and he is a hard marker!


Richard ordered the pulled pork flatbread as his main course.

The food was hearty and tasty at Jennifer’s and we were thankful we finally found a nice quiet spot to eat in Corner Brook. There were no other people eating in the restaurant today when we had our lunch. I think the time of day at 4pm was probably the reason why the restaurant wasn’t busy

We wanted to get back to our condo to watch the Blue Jays vs the Seattle Mariners in game two of the Wild Card series, so we didn’t explore any more today. We have all day tomorrow after we check out of our condo at 11am to explore more on the West coast of Newfoundland.

A picture of Marble Mountain ski resort between Corner Brook and Humber Valley Golf Resort. The fall colours are so beautiful this time of year.

We hope that everyone is having a nice Canadian Thanksgiving this weekend and is spending time with loved ones after two long years of not being able to gather for Thanksgiving! We are very thankful we have each other to travel and explore on this Thanksgiving weekend in Newfoundland together. It’s nice when your partner in life loves adventuring as much as you do!

We will be really, really thankful too if there are some restaurants open tomorrow on Thanksgiving Sunday where we might be able to get a traditional turkey dinner with stuffing made with Mt. Scio Savoury. St. Stephen buys bags of this savoury when he is home in Newfoundland to use in his traditional stuffing that pairs so well with a turkey dinner. We will be really disappointed if we have to leave Newfoundland without a turkey dinner on Thanksgiving!

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