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Waiting for the other shoe to drop....

Nothing surprises us about what will happen next with Newman. Nothing! After all we have been through in the last 56 days of RV living, not much can surprise us now...but wait...something new happened to us today!

In fact the expression “waiting for the other shoe to drop” actually means ’waiting for something to happen you feel is inevitable’. The expression originated in the tenements of New York City in the late 19th and early 20th century, as apartments were built with bedrooms on top of one another. It was common to hear your upstairs neighbour take off a shoe, drop it and then repeat the action....hence the saying “waiting for the other shoe to drop!”

This morning I had to complete all of my paperwork for my pension at Scotiabank. I was supposed to have submitted this paperwork by December 17th, but we were waiting for our mail (which was forwarded on December 2nd from Fort Erie), to arrive at the Union Bay Post Office. Since we have had no mail, last week I contacted HR and asked for the email address for the pension department. I emailed the pension department and they kindly sent me the pension forms via email. The issue with trying to submit the paperwork from out here in B.C., is I don’t have a copy of our marriage license with me. Luckily we have a wonderful person looking after our home back in Fort Erie and Liz was able to get the marriage license from our office at home and send us a copy today. Which precipitated another trip to Courtenay. But I’ll get to that shortly.

Since we needed the pension forms witnessed, we asked our neighbour Jim if he could drop by to witness our signatures at 10am. Richard started to shave and noticed that the sink in his bathroom wasn’t draining. He ran the water in my bathroom sink and the kitchen and they seemed to both drain ok. Richard decided to take his shower and sure enough, the bathtub was filling up with water, instead of draining. By now Richard is really frustrated. After yesterday’s incident with the door falling off its hinges in Newman’s basement, and running over and breaking the water main on the road of the RV park, Richard is just about on the EDGE and ready to sell Newman, get on a flight and go home!

I calmly asked Richard if he had drained the “grey” tank lately? I know that he dumped the “black” tank before we went for propane yesterday, but I wasn’t sure if he had also done the grey tank. He admitted that he had not drained the grey tank. Sure enough, he went and fully opened the grey tank and that cleared up why the water wasn’t draining in his sink and the shower. ANOTHER CRISIS AVERTED IN NEWMAN!!!!!

Our neighbour Jim came by to sign the forms for us with his mask on, which we very much appreciated.

It was pouring rain and +4C and I was going stir crazy sitting in Newman, so while Richard waited for Steve to come back with the tools he needed for the repair job on Newman’s basement door, I headed up to Courtenay for groceries and to get copies done at Staples.

After doing some groceries and visiting the health food store, I finally got to Staples and the copy of the marriage license had arrived in my in box. I double and triple checked everything that I needed to be submitted to the Pension Department and off I went to the Union Bay Post Office. to mail the package in. I believe my first pension cheque will be delayed by a month, but at least its off my mind now and done! I’m still on the payroll for 3 more days. Such a strange feeling to have worked for 37.5 years and now have it all coming to a close!

Meanwhile back at Newman, there were lots of repairs going on.

Newman’s door

Steve sanding out the rough spots on the door

Steve and Mike who are leaving us tomorrow for an RV park in Parksville



Richard says that Steve has to go to Nanaimo for some parts for his RV so he will also pick up two hinge for us, for the inside top of this door. After the two hinges are installed in the door, then the door and rear quarter panel will need to be painted. We have the same colour matched green paint, so Newman will be back to being beautiful once the cosmetic surgery is completed!

I arrived home to find Richard speaking to Matt, the RV park owner about trying to get a propane company to arrive with more regularity at the RV park. Things would be much better if we didn’t have to leave every 9 days or so to get propane (and we could avoid the pot holes at the entrance of the RV park as well)!

Matt the RV park owner.

30 shades of grey were visible today in Fanny Bay. Not a nice day at all. Grey, damp, rainy and miserable.

Why do I say 30 shades of grey though? That’s about how many shades of grey the human eye can actually see.

The next week looks like it will be a challenge with the weather. We will try and get out hiking, but we will have to pick our spots!

None of these days in the next week have any sun. To compensate for a distinct lack of sun, I have a UV light or “happy light” as I like to call it on the dining room table and a beautiful natural honey beeswax candle bringing me some good vibes from Honey Candles Ltd in Kaslo, B.C.

UV “happy light” to compensate for no sunshine

Beeswax candle to purify the air.

And the fireplace channel on Netflix!

Now I’m off to make our halibut for dinner! Baked halibut with sour cream, Parmesan and dill topping. YUMMY!!

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