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Wait a minute...there’s a road in the sea!

Today started off a bit slow. With nothing on our agenda until noon, we took our time this morning with catching up with mundane things; checking that the insurance company in Florida received our payment for our home insurance. I’m sure you know the stuff you need to get done which is NOT very exciting, but it still needs to be done!! Well we had a few things like that to take care of this morning.

We headed up to Courtenay around 11:15am for my strength training at noon. I said to Richard he had to figure out what we were having for lunch between my strength training and driving over to Comox for my Osteopath appointment. I did mention I felt like pizza, but now the challenge was all his!

Sure enough, after a gruelling strength training session which thoroughly tuckered me out, I came out to get into Jerry, and I could smell lunch! Richard had ordered a large pizza just the way I like it and it was still nice and warm! It was nice to have something to eat in Jerry in the 30 minutes between appointments, as we drove over to Comox.

After both the strength training and osteopathic session today I was whooped!

I asked Richard to please buy me an Earl Grey tea to drink in Jerry. The weather had turned nasty - rainy, grey and just plain miserable. I needed a tea to perk me up!

After today’s appointments, we also wanted to stop at Shopper’s Drug Mart in Courtenay to pick up a refill on a prescription that I needed to transfer from Fort Erie and while we were at Shopper’s, we realized that Thursday is Senior’s Day at Shoppers! Not needing to go to the pharmacy that much, we’re not up on this special Shopper’s Senior’s discount day! I have been experiencing eye strain from doing the blog and it has been bothering me for just over a week now, so I thought maybe I needed to increase the strength of my ‘cheaters’. Sure enough, when I went in to Shopper’s to try on a stronger prescription, I could read better with the new glasses. Richard also complained about his eyes too, so I had him try on some stronger ‘cheaters’ and sure enough he needed a stronger prescription too. Yikes! It sure feels like our eyes are getting old fast!

It bothers Richard more than me that he can’t read anything anymore without his ’cheaters’ on. I’m the one with the stronger prescription, so I’ve had reading glasses for a lot longer than he has and I’m over the fact I need them. I used to feel good that I could still read a golf scorecard outdoors in natural light without my cheaters. Now it just does not matter!

And because we spent over $50 at Shopper’s we also got a $10 off coupon for our next visit. WOOHOO!

We decided to stop for our mail at the Union Bay Post Office and weren’t we surprised to receive an envelope from Santa Claus with an address of the North Pole!

I did recognize the hand writing on the envelope though, having worked with Ron at Scotiabank for 13 years! I opened the envelope to see this note:

A nice note and it did brighten our very dreary day!

‘Make this the year you give RV’ing a try!’

I think we were already ahead of the curve on RVing, having bought Newman last July 20, 2020 and spent the winter on Vancouver Island in him! There are many interesting RV trips in Canada mentioned in this magazine. One trip that definitely interests us is taking Newman down to Point Pelee! Point Pelee and Pelee Island is somewhere that neither one of us has visited before, and since Pelee is on the north shore of Lake Erie, where we already live, we think it would be a nice place to visit with Newman, once we are back from B.C. Pelee Island is known for bird watching, which would also be great for photography too!

Thank you Ron & Lenore! We appreciate the surprise delivery from the North Pole and it was nice to read about some very nice RV trips that we can take in Newman one day!

On our drive home to Fanny Bay I asked Richard to take another drive down Ship’s Point Road in Fanny Bay. We had visited this area before, but sometimes we see things differently a second time around, so we headed down Ship’s Point Road to see what we could find.

We parked at Ship’s Point Park which is a really small park, and can probably only handle 3 or 4 parked cars.

The tide was out and Richard decided to stand on a bench to try and capture the view.

The first thing I saw, besides tons of rocks on the shore, was this blue truck by the sea.

I was trying to figure out how on earth this truck got through these big rocks on the shore to park by the sea. As we kept walking a bit, we figured out how the truck got there.

Someone had cleared a road at low tide! We would never have seen this road had we not driven to this park during low tide! We realized that the road ended right near an area that had fishing nets covering it.

We believe that these nets are probably protecting geoducks which are planted in the sand on the beach and take 3 years to mature. The next time we see Cory our fisherman friend we are going to ask him if this is what is being harvested from this plot of beach.

Next to the fishing nets, was a different kind of seafood farming operation.

The area that is staked off we believe is oyster beds.

A better view of the cleared road under the sea. Someone spent a serious amount of time clearing this road!

My hands were turning red they were so cold. I had forgotten to wear my waterproof gloves. While the temperature was +7C earlier in the day, by this afternoon with the rains, the temperature had dropped to +4C.

We drove around the Ship’s Point neighbourhood looking at the views of the ocean from various homes and seeing how long their driveways were to accommodate RV’s. We meandered down a few streets and then we stumbled upon a very cute little roadside stand at the end of someone’s driveway.

‘Little Shop of Flora’s!’

We had already driven by the ’Little Shop’ when I asked Richard to back up please.

An eclectic mix of ‘curios’.

Tajine anyone?

The sign asked any prospective customers to clip the tag off, put it in the box and then put the cash into the lockbox.

Of course I couldn’t resist buying something. I thought this was a cute sign. Very rustic and hey, I’m supporting a small business!

We drove home to our RV park in 5 minutes. What an interesting little stop we had today in visiting the Ship’s Point neighbourhood in Fanny Bay! We’re always happy when we discover something new and what an interesting find at low tide today, finding a road under the sea!

Richard just heard from St. Stephen and he is coming up to fix our bathroom light fixture in Newman tomorrow! Yeah for St. Stephen! St. Stephen had some good news today and we are happy for him and Karen for selling their home back in Nova Scotia! It’s nice when good things happen to good people!

Tomorrow is supposed to be another rainy day on the Island. We have some interesting shopping to do tomorrow so I‘m looking forward to our shopping venues tomorrow, as well as a very interesting seafood restaurant in Parksville for dinner!

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