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Thunder over the Lake

Well its been awhile since I wrote a blog post! I wonder if I’m out of practise!! LOL!!

We have definitely been busy since we arrived home from Vancouver Island in April. I think that its finally hit me that I am retired now, when I have finally realized that I don’t have to do everything in one day….it will be there tomorrow, so why try and finish it all today?!

It has been really nice getting into a routine with golfing too. I’ve figured out what works for me and my body and it seems to be about 4 times a week. I’m walking the golf course without any problem now. It took awhile to get up my stamina, but I’m there now…finally.

I’m enjoying playing golf on Tuesdays, which is Ladies Day at Bridgewater Country Club. It’s a bit early for golf (tee times are between 8:10am and 8:40am), and I’m not a fan of setting an alarm as I’m sure you realize, if you’ve followed our blog over the past little while. We play a poker game on Tuesdays which really helps me focus on my game. For a toonie we get 4 cards which we choose in the pro shop prior to the round. If we make a birdie, or a one putt, we get an extra card at the end of the round and If we chip the ball in the hole, we get two extra cards. For each 3 putt we make, we have to pay an extra 25cents to the pot. I was lucky enough to win the poker hand last week with a flush as I had a great round of golf and got 7 extra cards! I only had to pay 50cents into the pot too. That winning poker hand was worth $12!! Woohoo! Unfortunately a lot of ladies didn’t play that Tuesday because it looked like it might rain, so the pot was a bit ‘lighter’ than usual. Oh well, I’ll just have to keep playing well to try and win the pot, when its bigger!

I was getting frustrated with my golf game, but now it seems to be headed in the right direction. I had to keep reminding myself that we had a long layoff in Ontario with the golf courses being closed from April til long into May, so be patient, it will come and it seems to be working for me.

Richard is now playing in the 9 hole Men’s Night on permanent basis as someone needed a new partner, as his partner was injured (Needed a hip replacement). I’m glad Richard is getting out to Men’s Night, as it is good for him to feel some competitive pressure once a week or so which is good for his game.

I’ve found some nice golfing partners and we enjoy playing either ‘Matchplay’ or ‘Wolf’ on the golf course. All of these on course golf games make me focus more on my game, so I’m more ‘tournament ready’ when it comes time for tournaments.

Playing in the Niagara Women’s Tour event at Peninsula Lakes. It was a bit cooler that day, than it is now!

Besides golfing, gardening, cleaning out the basement, and cleaning up the pool, we’ve had Newman in for servicing! We are going on a trip in Newman in a few weeks! We are so excited to be able to get back on the road again with Newman. Richard wanted to have the brakes checked, oil changed, fluid levels and filters checked before we head out on the road again. We are headed up to Ottawa for 7 days at the end of June to visit Richard’s family and play some golf and be tourists in Ottawa over Canada Day. Last year we took Newman to Ottawa for the Labour Day weekend and we learned a lot on that inaugural trip in Newman. We know that this trip will be different, since we are a lot more experienced on how to live in Newman! We can’t wait to be ‘footloose and fancy free’ again though, as well as having the opportunity to visit family! It will be a lot different travelling in the summer, than the conditions we lived through all winter on the Island!

The reason why we feel so comfortable visiting family is we are now finally DOUBLE VACCINATED! Yesterday we were able to get our second Pfizer jab in Port Colborne. We were both so very happy to get our second shots. I had a bit of a sore arm last evening but today I feel fine. Richard has had no side effects with this second shot, so let’s hope it stays that way. We know we are not out of the woods yet, but with Richard’s family also having their second shots too, we feel a lot more comfortable travelling to visit everyone in the Ottawa/Gatineau area!

Waiting 15 minutes after my second Pfizer shot yesterday in Port Colborne

Richard supposed to be sitting down for 15 minutes to see if he has a reaction to his vaccine and instead he is taking photos of me after his shot yesterday.

We are still hoping the US/Canada border opens soon. We have some short RV trips we would love to do if the border finally opens. We would really like to go to Presquile isle near Erie, Pennsylvania and then drive down south of Pittsburgh to see the Frank Lloyd Wright home - Fallingwater. We have seen many Frank Lloyd Wright buildings over the years and Fallingwater is definitely on our ‘bucket list’ of places to see. Doing this kind of trip in Newman is a perfect way for us to travel and we might even get a round of golf in along the way too! Fingers crossed we can travel south of the border soon! I think there are a lot of ‘snowbirds’ who wish the border would open too, so that they can start making plans for next winter, instead of trying to figure out how to get back to Florida or Arizona without driving down.

Today was an exciting day over Lake Erie! We had the Blue Angels from the US Navy practising over Lake Erie for the ‘Thunder on the Buffalo Waterfront’ air show which takes place this weekend on Saturday and Sunday. I had seen the Blue Angels practising earlier today while I was playing golf at Bridgewater Country Club. It was a bit distracting when the Blue Angel‘s flew over and I was trying to putt! Luckily when I got home, they decided to come out and practise some more over the Lake.

One guy always has to stand out!

Very close to our backyard over Lake Erie. A Boeing F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet fighter jet. The top speed of this jet is 1,190 mph! They sure were loud over the Lake today when they reached their top speeds!

Hello Buffalo!

The air show is sold out this weekend in Buffalo. Who needs tickets though when we have a front row seat on the Lake?!!

I’m currently watching the 121st U.S. Open golf tournament from Torrey Pines Golf Club in La Jolla, California. It is nice to watch a tournament on a golf course that we have had the chance to play. Richard and me were lucky enough to play this golf course with Ron Porter after a Mazda Dealer Meeting one year that was held in San Diego. Such a beautiful place, with the hang gliders gliding over the cliffs of La Jolla, over the Pacific Ocean. I think that day the golf course won, but I will always remember what a treat it was to play Torrey Pines South Golf course with its stunning scenery!

Torrey Pines Golf Course

Torrey Pines Golf Course, La Jolla, California

I hope that as the world opens up everyone is starting to think about where they might travel to next! We’ve been making lots….and I mean lots of plans, and we are really hoping that everything we have planned comes to fruition. Some of the plans include Newman and Jerry and some of them don’t, but we know that we will have lots of fun in our adventures, as long as we stay safe, and continue to be smart about our interactions with others.

Be safe everyone and get your vaccine! It’s our shot to get back to normal!

Watch for our next blog post in a couple of weeks when we take off for Ottawa!

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