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They sure are creative on the Island!

In fact they are so creative, they find new ways to say there will be a lot of rain. Check this weather forecast out:

I really love the description ‘A significant atmospheric river event will bring copious amounts of rain!’. How many ways can you say its really going to rain hard!

It could be worse though! I would rather have rain than the white stuff which I see fell in Fort Erie overnight!

9th hole at Bridgewater Country Club (our golf course) in Fort Erie. The pins are still in. Maybe there will be more golf still, depending on if the white stuff melts!

Besides being creative with the weather, the gardeners here are also very creative! We went to the Courtenay Farmers market today for the first time since we’ve been on the Island. We really like this market as the selection of vendors is very diverse.

Entrance to the Courtenay Farmer’s Market. The sky looked a bit ominous, but it was not raining yet!

Waiting in line for croissants!

Quite an odd assortment of veggies at the Courtenay Farmer’s Market. When I asked the vendor what the purple things were in the picture, she said ‘purple kohlrabi’. She said she couldn’t resist buying them when she saw them in the seed catalogue!

Richard picking up a bottle of the worlds best Vodka, made of honey mead at ‘Wayward’ Distillation house in Courtenay.

Comox Valley mushrooms. That’s all this guy sells at the market and most weekends he sells out of fresh mushrooms!

Alderlane Farmhouse Bakery. We love their fresh croissants!

Oh my goodness this was so delicious! Chocolate croissant with almond filling! My absolute favorite croissant! This bakery’s croissants are as good as I’ve had in Paris!

After we finished at the Courtenay Farmer’s Market we put all of our purchases into Kramer the Kona and then walked over to 5th Street, to shop Courtenay’s lovely downtown.

Many of the store windows downtown Courtenay were creatively decorated for Christmas. After Hallowe’en is finished, it seems like the Christmas season begins and that is when Richard starts with his ‘Bah Humbug’ rants, since he thinks the Christmas season lasts too long!

Creative shop window decorating for Christmas in downtown Courtenay.

I like the Kitchenaid stand mixer ornament in the last photo!

With all of these beautiful Christmas windows beckoning me to enter, there was no time like the present to start my Christmas shopping! I did pick up one gift today while we were wandering downtown Courtenay. We’re going to be having our Christmas dinner a bit early with my son Josh and his girlfriend Alicia, before we leave the Island, so I need to make sure we’ve got their Christmas gifts, before we see them on December 7th.

We went to visit our favourite butcher on the Island after walking around downtown. It feels like a nice weekend to make a roast beef with all the trimmings! There‘s nothing like homemade comfort food on a really rainy day! Tomorrow Newman will smell divine!

Baron of Beef for us tomorrow!

As we started to walk back to Kramer, the Kona, the rain started to fall lightly. My Blundstones had finally dried out from our hike two days ago, so we weren’t in the mood for another rainy hike. Instead, I thought we would take a drive up to Point Holmes to see if I could get any good shots with my camera. We had never been to Point Holmes before and I had seen a photo of Point Holmes in one of the stores downtown Courtenay today.

Point Holmes on a blustery, rainy day!

Waves crashing into the break wall at Point Holmes. Point Holmes is located near CFB Comox, which is north west of downtown Comox. The rocky beach does have a boat launch, but no other facilities. At extremely low tides, a reef is exposed which is a great place to find starfish. I guess it wasn’t our day to find any starfish, as the tide was at high tide. Another day perhaps we’ll hunt for starfish.

After visiting Point Holmes, we drove by this very interesting, creative display someone had made outside their home. I’m not sure if this was leftover from Hallowe’en or something they made to thank the local Healthcare workers for their services!

The creepy thing about this display was the eyes and headlights were all lit up!

Richard wanted to go and visit the Comox airport terminal as he didn’t really spend much time there when I picked him up the other evening. But just before the terminal building we saw another golf course which we hadn’t driven through or played, so we had to turn in and see what this golf course was all about!

Glacier Greens Golf Club is located on the CFB Comox base, but the public is welcome to play and use the facilities at any time.

As we were driving into Glacier Greens golf course, the control tower and runway for CFB Comox and Comox airport were straight ahead of us.

A nice little par 3! Glacier Greens is described as a shotmakers golf course with elevation changes, mountain views and vistas, large trees, privacy and water. Every hole is different. 18 holes of golf cost $25 to play in the winter season. Despite the rain today, there were people out golfing! We really want to play this course while we are here, but we need a break in the weather to be able to get out and try this golf course.

After visiting Glacier Greens, we headed right next door to the Comox airport.

‘JETMAN’ as Richard is known in the trip directing world….

I was struck by how beautiful the entrance to the Comox airport was, with all of these stained glass panels around the entrance. What a stunningly creative way to honour the military history of this airport.

Stained glass panels around the entrance doors to the Comox airport terminal building.

Beautiful stained glass panels at Comox airport.

As we drove home in the pouring rain to Fanny Bay, we were happy we had left early enough today, to enjoy the day without getting drenched. I bought quite a few very interesting vegetables to try out over the next few days.

Purple Kohlrabi, Jerusalem artichokes, carrots, red Napa cabbage, watermelon radishes and green kohlrabi. I think we might just hunker down for the next few days and try and stay dry and well fed!

With a weather forecast as bad as this one, we will creatively have to find ways to enjoy ourselves over the next few days. We’re really trying to stay positive about our stay on the Island; exploring new places, enjoying different restaurants to eat at, and experiencing new places to golf, but this weather is definitely trying our patience. I think it will take a lot of creativity and ingenuity to stay sane, but we’ll do our best to try and not go stir crazy from the weather!

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