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The Vicissitudes of life!

We’re surviving the vicissitudes of life! The ‘ups’ and the ‘downs‘ of living in rainy Fanny Bay.

But I will make you wait until the end of today’s blog to see if our roof leaked overnight or not!

Richard needed to do his expense reports and submit his invoice for the work trip he took to Mexico last week. Since I have the app ‘Numbers’ on my Ipad, I did his expense reports in Mexican Pesos and a separate one in Canadian dollars for him, to help him get it done faster, so we could go for a hike today. I’ve been dying to go for a nice long hike and now that Richard was back from Mexico, today was the day.

Leaving Lighthouse RV park. The potholes are in the same places in the roadway as last year! 12:30pm and its not very light out!

When we got to our hiking spot, the parking lot was all roped off and it looked like the park was closed!

The good news was that it was Remembrance Day today and the workers were not working at the park felling trees near the entrance to the park.

Happy Remembrance Day! Look how dry I am. Just wait…!!!

Richard trying to get the backpack on his back by himself in the parking lot of Seal Bay Park.

On the Seal Loop trail near the entrance to Seal Bay.

The trail at Seal Bay wasn’t too wet when we started our hike today.

Such a pretty place to hike.

We walked around the complete Seal Loop in the forest and then realized we missed the turnoff to go down to the beach, so we kept on going on the Coupland loop, so we could make our way down to the beach.

As we walked down to the beach, we got pretty wet, because the forest canopy didn’t cover the pathway to the beach.

Richard was sneaking shots of me on the bridge as I was taking pictures of the waterfall leading down to the beach.

Seal Bay waterfalls! I love this spot for photography!

By the time we got to the beach, I was drenched. You can actually see the rain coming down in this shot!

There really wasn’t much to shoot today because it was so gloomy out!

I converted this shot to Black and White. It was such a gloomy day!

As I was hiking the beach I found a great walking stick. Richard kept calling me ‘Gandalf’ from Lord of the Rings!

I’m smiling despite the drenched feet and leggings. I should have worn my goretex golf rain pants!

There were about 30 seals playing around in Seal Bay today. I didn’t have my zoom lens on my camera so I couldn’t get a closer shot of the seals.

We finally got back to Kramer the Kona after close to 2 hours of hiking in the rain. We’ve both said that this was the wettest we have ever been from one of our Vancouver Island hikes. We couldn’t wait to get home after our hike to dry out, but first we had to make a quick stop at Walmart in Courtenay to get some waterproofing spray for our boots. With all the hiking and walking we’ve done here in the rain, our boots are in need of some serious waterproof spray! What better spot to buy waterproofing spray for boots than rainy Vancouver Island in November! There was another couple waiting to get access to the sprays right after me. I guess boot waterproofing is definitely in season here!

Richard was very nervous as we drove back to Fanny Bay today. The rain has been pretty torrential today and he was worried that when he got home, the roof might be leaking on Newman. When we finally got all our stuff into Newman and peeled off our wet clothing,

Richard checked and nothing had leaked, except a small bucket of ’Dri-Z air’ which Richard had moved when we came back today. Richard didn’t know that water accumulated in the bottom of the bucket of Dri-Z air. I guess we can say that ‘Richard kicked the bucket today’ and caused a leak in Newman on his own!

Anyway, with all the rain we’ve had last night and today, the roof is not leaking! YEAH!

We definitely are experiencing the vessitudes of life living here in rainy Vancouver Island. The ups and downs, highs and lows of weather, circumstances and our moods which are being impacted by all of the trials and tribulations we’ve had on this trip. Today despite the weather, was a good day. It was nice to hike around one of our favourite spots on Vancouver Island, in Seal Bay Park, and we picked a good day to go there with no workers felling trees, so we were allowed to go on the trails. Tomorrow we’re hoping to golf in the afternoon, when the weather is supposed to clear up. Fingers crossed the weather forecast is correct!

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