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Patiently waiting....!

Anyone who knows me well, knows that patience is something I’ve had to learn and am still learning. Its been almost 60 years of being impatient! I don’t like to wait...for anything! Richard has a lot more patience than I do. He has to, to live with me! LOL!! So he has got a TON of patience!

This morning I headed off to Courtenay to get my hair cut and coloured. I left myself lots of time to drive up the Coastal Hwy to Courtenay which usually about 20 minutes. Sure enough, didn’t I start up the highway and found myself in a traffic slowdown on the Hwy because of tree trimming! A road crew was blocking the road and only letting so many cars get through at a time. I was looking at the clock in Jerry (which always loses about 4 minutes a week), wondering what the real time was and was I going to make it on time? I don’t like waiting, so I don’t like to keep others waiting either!

After the road crew let me through - they are nice here, they actually wave at you as you pass by - I then got stuck on the two lane Hwy behind a slow moving vehicle. GRRR!

I finally made it to the salon to see Christie, my stylist with 4 minutes to spare before my appointment.

Anyone who has had their hair coloured knows it takes a long time to wait while the colour develops. The waiting is not bad if you have your stylist to chat with, but she had another client come in for a patch test while I was waiting with my colour on my hair.

Waiting patiently and my phone wouldn’t work in the salon. I didn’t want to get up and ask if they had a wifi code, but something weird happens whenever we are in Courtenay with our phones. “Shaw” comes up all over the town and neither me or Richard can get our phones to work very well. We are Rogers customers, but it seems that Shaw has a lock on the internet over the town of Courtenay and Comox and our data just won’t work. So I just sat and waited as patiently as I could for the colour to develop with nothing to do but catch snippets of other people’s conversations in the salon.

Richard was having his own waiting game going on back at Newman. Viper Fuels were supposed to arrive at some point in the day, and not knowing when they are to arrive, means that anyone who needs propane, just has to hang around all day and wait...

I arrived home after my hair appointment to find that Richard had pulled out the lawn chairs from Newman’s basement to sit outside and wait for Viper Fuels. It was a sunny +5C day today and no jacket was required.

On my way home I stopped at the Union Bay Post Office to pick up the the beeswax candles which I had ordered last week from the candle maker in Ladysmith. I unfortunately left the Post Office empty handed. The candles did not show up. What I did determine when I got home was that the shipper sent them by ‘CanPar’ and they are still on the delivery truck. I had notification last week that they would be delivered on February 12th and here we are February 16th and still no delivery. I tried to online chat with CanPar, but of course they shutdown at 7pm EST, so I will have to try again tomorrow to track down my package. It is a lesson in patience trying to get anything delivered around here! Knowing that parcels will arrive without trying to track them down is one of the things I sure miss about having a home, with an address for delivery!

While we were waiting for Viper Fuels to arrive, Richard got a call from St. Stephen to say that Viper Fuels had just been to their RV park in Parksville and we shouldn’t expect the propane truck any earlier than 7pm.

Jim and Richard took to drinking waiting for the Viper Truck. The sun had gone down over the mountains and it was getting colder, while they were waiting for the truck. Jim says “Why does Viper always have to come on a sunny day and keep us waiting all day!” Two kindred spirits waiting patiently for the propane truck!

Since I didn’t get out for a hike today to take any photos, I walked down to the point in Lighthouse RV park to patiently wait for something interesting to happen in the landscape. I’ve noticed that there are a TON more sea lions now on the oyster rafts. It seems that the sea lions know that the herring run is coming soon, which we are told will probably the first week in March. I took a video of the very noisy sea lions, which I will post on Facebook tonight.

Richard was speaking with our fisherman friend Cory today, and Cory said we won’t see Killer Whales otherwise known as Orcas, in Fanny Bay during the herring run because they stay on the far side of Denman Island, where the water is deeper. The Orcas come to the herring run to eat the seals, who come to eat the herrings! Cory was telling Richard about the herring run last year where he saw 3 Orcas waiting around for some seals. One Orca jumped up high out of the water to surprise the seals, and while the seals were distracted, the other two Orcas jumped on the seals for the kill. Killer whales have the second-heaviest brains among marine mammals (after sperm whales, which have the largest brain of any animal). Killer Whales are very intelligent and from Cory’s story it sure sounds to me that they had those seals figured out!

Cory also said he would take us out again on his boat next week when the weather is a bit warmer. Getting out on Fanny Bay is definitely something we are looking forward to, so we can learn some more about the local fishing industry!

Getting back to patiently waiting on my picnic bench for a great ’shot of the day’ photographic I was watching the birds, I was able to see this seagull dropping the oyster he had just caught, to try and crack it on the beach.

The seagull is so patient as he drops the oyster, picks it up, drops it again etc etc, until he has broken the shell and then can eat the oyster.

We are losing our snow and it is turning into slush. My newly curled locks, of which the curls won’t last long!

And just as I was finished shooting the birds, Viper Fuels showed up finally!

Richard supervising the propane delivery to Newman tonight.

Our propane tank on Newman is now full, plus the additional 30lb tank we bought at Costco. Richard said that we were totally empty on the 30lb auxiliary tank, so we just managed our propane perfectly, as we both had hot showers this morning! Phew!

So our patiently waiting day turned out ok after all. I’m learning that if it doesn’t get done today, it can wait until tomorrow. There are so few appointments when you’re retired, so what’s another day if it doesn’t get done today?!!!

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