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Not what we expected unfortunately!

Today we went to Comox for a trail hike. With so many trails to choose from, we couldn’t do every trail, even if we stayed here for a year!

We decided on the Comox Lazo Loop Trail today which is a 5.3 km loop trail, as our hiking spot. The “All Trails” app rated this trail as Moderately difficult which with my bum leg is tough enough for now.

The Lazo Marsh area was bought in the 1960’s by a potato farmer named Bert Marriot. He established a bird sanctuary in the marsh and crusaded to prevent the hunting of migratory birds. In 1975 the Nature Trust of B.C. added a further number of acres to the marsh. Apparently the marsh and surrounding forests are a year round haven for wildlife. On winter nights, Trumpeter Swans roost in the open water. In the spring, Pacific Chorus frogs serenade loudly and Wood Ducks, along with Hooded Merganser nest in nearby tree cavities. The Lazo marsh is at the northern extent of the Coastal Douglas fir bio-geo climatic zone - the rarest of all landscape types in B.C. This ecosystem with its Mediterranean climate has B.C.’s highest density of specifies that are of both provincial and global conservation concern.

And what did we see on our 5.3Km hike? 11 humans and about 7 dogs. Absolutely no wildlife! What a disappointing hike. After stumbling upon 2 bald eagles the other day out of the blue on Denman Island, it was not what we were expecting after we had read about the Lazo Marsh area. I was so disappointed I didn’t even take a shot of the marsh.

Richard about to enter the trail. The trail had tree roots and rocks but the elevation change was only 117m.

Colour in the forest.

We had hoped to have lunch on the trail, but there was no where appropriate to stop, so we decided to find a spot on the Ocean to eat our brown bag lunch we had brought from Newman.

Kin Beach Provincial Park was close to us and fit the bill so we headed there in a fairly quick 9 minute drive. On our drive, we went past the Comox airport (YQQ). Richard hasn’t been in an airport since February and is missing the smell of jet fuel. Those in the travel industry he works with call him “Jet Man”! With a vaccine now approved in Canada we’re hoping he will get some work starting mid next year, or definitely the year after.

We drove by the CFB Comox Base on our way to Kin Beach. We also drove by the Comox Air Force Museum which we will visit another day to satisfy Richard’s curiosity as he is such an airplane nut!

CF-101 Voodoo aircraft

View over to Powell River on the mainland with the Coast mountains in the background.

Richard realizing it was way too cold to have a picnic on the beach today.

Powell River Mill opposite Comox with the Coast mountains in the background

Kin Beach

We ate in Jerry instead of eating outside and then headed into downtown Comox so I could meet with my new osteopath. I’m feeling a bit beat up tonight between our hike and the osteopathic treatment, but very hopeful with some new exercises to help strengthen the leg and my muscles, so I’m happy!

And tomorrow we golf at another new golf course and the weather is supposed to be a sunny +7C...a balmy day on the Island!

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