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Not another cold shower!

Yes...that’s what happened today. No hot water for my shower....grrrrr..this is not making me a happy “camper”!!

Richard was busy calling our neighbour back in Fort Erie to deal with the shoreline restoration work that we need to have done from the big huge storm we had a few weeks ago. Since our neighbour is also bringing in heavy equipment to move some boulders around on the shoreline, we will share in the cost...but all that was happening when I discovered we had NO HOT WATER!!

So what does a resourceful, soon to be retired Bank executive do? BOIL WATER! I took our biggest Le cruset pot and filled it with water and lit the stove. Not my ideal way of washing up today, but it got the job done!!

We figured that since Richard had already taken his shower and we were running the washer/dryer combo, we were probably already out of hot water. In future we will save the laundry until we’ve both had our showers!!

NEWBIE RV OWNERS STILL LEARNING...trial by cold water!!!

We drove into Victoria today to have a socially distanced, outdoor lunch with my son Josh and his girlfriend Alicia. It was 9C but very windy as it had rained overnight.

Josh and Alicia live in Quadra Village and they have a very cute 2 bedroom house within walking distance to downtown Victoria and some very cool restaurants and pubs. Since they both work from home now, it was easy to meet them for lunch.

From their home, we walked to a great spot called Caffe Fantastico and sat out on their picnic tables, basking in the sun, and enjoying our kale caesar salads. We could only visit for an hour, as they both had to get back to work. It was really nice to see them again before we head up island tomorrow to our winter home in Fanny Bay.

Alicia surprised me again today, this time with 3 bars of dark chocolate to try! Not just any chocolate though, but dark chocolate from the Denman Island Chocolate company. Our winter home will be at Lighthouse RV park, Fanny Bay, where we will be facing Denman Island. Now I can’t wait to try this special treat tonight and also to visit the chocolate factory one day! Our plan is to try and visit as many of the Gulf Islands as we can while we are here.

We decided while we were in Victoria and we know there are big malls, to do some Christmas shopping. Mayfair Mall was very close to Josh and Alicia’s home so we stopped in to do our shopping. Richard had not wanted me to pack him a bathrobe for our 5 month journey and since he’s been on the road, he has been missing his bath robe. So now he has a new cozy bath robe for those cold mornings, with his coffee!

On Josh and Alicia’s recommendation we went up to Gonzales Hill Regional Park which is the highest point of land (66m) on the south coast of Vancouver Island. Gonzales Park was very rocky, with stunning views, but it was so windy and cold, we thought we would get blown off the hill!

We had a 180 degree view of Victoria, Juan de Fuca Strait, the Olympic mountains and the Sooke Hills.

We really were freezing in this photo!

The Gonzales Observatory was a weather station for 75 years but now is a protected heritage building. It is a stunning building set against the blue Victoria sky!

Tomorrow we head up to Fanny Bay for the winter. Let’s hope we have hot water in the morning for my shower and The Malahat is good for our drive tomorrow up island!

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