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Newman sprung a leak!

Last night just before we were about to go to bed, Richard went under the kitchen sink to retrieve a new garbage bag for the bathroom garbage, and he found that the garbage bags under the sink were all wet.

Great! Richard stuck his head under the sink and had me turn on the water in each of the kitchen sinks so he could determine where the leak was coming from. He made a few adjustments and thought he had fixed the leak and we went to bed.

This morning while the breakfast dishes were being done, Richard stuck his head under the kitchen sink and sure enough, the sink was still leaking! He had to take everything from under the sink out and crawl under the sink to see what the problem was. I think he bumped his head a few times too in the process from the language that was coming from under the sink.

What a mess! We had to leave Newman in this really messy state this morning as we went up to Courtenay to the Farmer‘s Market.

We bought our homemade granola from our favourite bakery stand ‘Alderlane Farmhouse Bakery’. We really enjoy this granola with berries and we also add pecans too!

After visiting the market today we met some friends of Richard’s who he has known for over 23 years from back East at an outdoor pub in Courtenay called ’Gladstones’.


We sat outside and with the patio heaters on the +4C temperature was very tolerable to be outside.

Great protocols in place at this brew pub.

A smart way to let the servers know the table needs to be cleaned. Very rustic tables made out of old cable holders.

We didn’t get any menus, but had to use the QR code to see the menu online.



I enjoyed meeting Kerri & Mark who live in Courtenay. We learned a lot about the area and how they love living in the Comox Valley. There is definitely a lot to do if you’re an active person on the Island including: kayaking, golfing, E-biking and concerts. Mark and Kerri told us that they have been taking their e-bikes over to a different island on weekends in the summer on the ferry, and spend the weekend biking around the Island on their E-bike. So far they have visited 4 islands, with more to come this summer. What a great way to get around and get some exercise too, on their pedal assisted E-bikes!

After catching up with Kerri & Mark, we decided to go and drive to Kye Bay, near the Comox airport. This is an area we had not visited before and we had heard that there was a nice sandy beach to walk on. Richard was particularly enthralled with the area, because we had to drive around the entire Comox airport property, before getting to Kye Bay Road. Unfortunately for Richard there were no airplanes landing or taking off today.

Kye Bay did have some sand on it, but it was a tough walk still on these large stones. The water was very calm in the Bay and while we could see across to Powell River on the B.C. Mainland, the day was very hazy. Kye Bay is known for being a great beach for kids to build sand castles on and since the water is so shallow, it gets heated up really quickly as it flows over the white sandy beach.

The smoke on the right side of the photo is from the mill at Powell River on the B.C. mainland.

Since the day was so hazy I thought the photo of the many ducks, geese and seagulls would look better in black and white.

Most of the people out walking on Kye Bay had a dog with them.

The dog at the top of the photo would run to catch the ball his master had thrown and would skip through the water back to the sandy area, to have the ball thrown again. He could run through the water very quickly and it was neat to see him skip through the water so easily.

Richard found a new little friend on the beach. This little guy ran right over to Richard to be petted.

The sandy beach was nice to walk on and this beach went on for miles.

I could only imagine Kye Bay would be very, very busy in the summer time. The houses that were on Kye Bay would never get any peace!

An interesting driftwood tee-pee.

After a nice walk down the beach to exercise off the hamburger and poutine, we headed to Home Depot to buy the part that Richard needed to fix the kitchen sink in Newman.

I waited for Richard in Jerry, while he went in and bought the part we needed from the plumbing department of Home Depot.

The part to fix Newman’s sink. A $3 washer.

After visiting Home Depot, we drove home to Fanny Bay for Richard to tackle the sink repair. I’m supposed to help, but I’m cozy instead writing the blog.

I switch it up where I sit to write the blog and today I felt like lying down on our cozy ‘Endy’ mattress/bed. To be honest, I didn’t want to be in the same room with Richard if the sink repair wasn’t going well and he started to curse in French. For those of you who know him, that is his usual ‘go to’ if the repair is not going well. Being away from him in another room, is probably a good idea!

Richard started to tackle the sink repair with his full head gear on!

Richard with his BBQ headlight on. It seems to have many uses!

And there he goes to fix the sink.

After a few minutes of holding my breath and focusing on writing the blog, I heard him ask me to come and turn the tap on. I refused, saying I was writing the blog. In reality, I didn’t want to hear any French curses if the repair didn’t work, so Richard got up from under the sink to try the tap, and sure enough he had fixed it! Now the cupboard under the sink is also nice and tidy, so Richard ’killed two birds with one stone’ so to speak today with the sink repair.

Tomorrow we are golfing with our golf buddies Ken & Curtis at Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Club. The weather should be +8C tomorrow in Qualicum Beach. We’ve missed golfing and are really looking forward to getting out tomorrow for 9 holes with our buddies!

So while Newman sprung a leak, Richard came to the rescue today! We didn’t need to call in St. Stephen for his help with this little repair. Apparently there was a small nick in the washer, which the advisor in Home Depot told Richard was enough to cause a leak. Its good we are taking care of these little fixes on Newman before we hit the road at the end of March. The last thing we need is for water to be flowing all over the floor of Newman as we’re trying to drive back home!

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