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Last evening as we were watching the 2nd season of the Netflix series called “Borgen” (about a female Danish Prime Minister and all of the political and personal crisises she faces), Richard kept stuffing a bunch of our nice blankets under the couch he was lying on, to stop the draft from coming in. It has not been that cold in the evenings, but last night, it was -4C and he was feeling the cold.

We have duelling couches as Richard likes to say.

His couch:

My couch:

I have lots of blankets and pillows to stay cozy at night as we watch Netflix.

I bought slip covers when we first acquired Newman to cover the fabric on the older couches, to try to update the decor a bit. Because the couches are in the slide outs they are not “air tight” and winter camping is really not something most RV owners do as a matter of course, unless you want to burn a lot of propane, electricity or run a generator to keep warm! So today we decided that off to Walmart we would go to get some cheaper polar fleece blankets to roll up and shove under both couches, to stop the draft from coming through, as best we could.

Richard putting the rolled up blankets under the couch to stop the draft. Let’s hope this helps!

While we were in Courtenay I picked up another beeswax candle at the Edible Island Health Food store. I love that place! I needed some more vitamins and while they didn’t have them in stock, they took my order for me and will call me when they arrive. Great service!

We both love the smell of the burning beeswax candle and it cleanses the air as it burns.

We were torn about going for a walk down the waterfront trail in Courtenay or grabbing some lunch and then coming home and going for a hike. Since we had already bought a cooked chicken, we decided we should come home first, rather than take the chance of leaving the chicken in the car, while we went for a hike.

We had seen a Japanese spot we hadn’t tried yet and fresh sushi is so much better than grocery store sushi, so we stopped in and got some freshly made sushi. I think we found our new “go to” spot for sushi in Courtenay.

Seh-Mi is the best sushi spot so far in Courtenay. Take out only. We waited in Jerry and they brought it out to us when it was ready!

Dynamite rolls on the left, veggie on the right. Next time 2 separate containers!

Amazing veggie sushi!

Since we may have snow coming overnight, I also wanted to make a nice hearty soup like the one we heard about yesterday from the campers at Horne Bay. While we were at the Super Walmart, we picked up a cooked chicken and all of the ingredients to make the chicken, cheddar cheese, vegetable, and jalapeño soup.

Chicken, vegetable, and jalapeno soup cooking. I’ll add the grated cheddar near the end and blend it in. Newman smells amazing!!

We definitely have this true sense of nesting going on! Nesting just isn’t a term associated with a pregnant woman getting the baby’s nursery in order, but nesting is about turning a living space into a place of comfort, or belonging to provide emotional and physical stability. With the snow coming, we have everything we need to “hunker down” and stay inside if we have to. We aren’t sure what the roads will be like around here, or how fast they will be cleared, but we know we have food, wine, warmth and of course baked goods!

We had to make a stop at “Just Like Mom’s“ on the way home from Courtenay. I baked the bumble berry pie when we got home as I was making our soup. Butter tarts, date squares and pie. Oh my! We need a walk!

So that is exactly what we did!

As we were driving home from Courtenay to Fanny Bay, I saw this road that went down towards the Ocean, I looked on our GPS and saw that the road seemed to lead to a little archipelago. I googled the name of the street and sure enough there was a park at the end of Ships Point Road, called “Ships Point Park”.

We discovered that Ships Point Park was created at the time the subdivision was developed, in the early 1970’s, on Ships Point Peninsula. The park is a waterfront park with good ocean views from the west to the southeast. The 119 hectare peninsula juts out into Baynes Sound and is comprised of tidal mudflats, cobble and rocky beaches, salt and freshwater marshes, a meadow and an alder grove wetland.

We travelled down a short dirt road to get down to the parking area for this very small park.

Looking across Fanny Bay to Denman Island at low tide.

Black Turnstones hanging out in Fanny Bay. Black Turnstones winter on the rocky shores along the Pacific coast of North America from southern Alaska as far as north-west Mexico. The Black Turnstones mostly feed on crustaceans and mollusks in winter. The Turnstone as its name implies, uses its bill to turn over stones, algae mats and other objects to get at its prey hidden beneath. The Black Turnstone breeds in western Alaska and the bulk of the population nests in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta. The world population of these birds is 95,000 birds, with about 80,000 of them in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta.

Black Turnstone in flight. I had to patiently sit on a rock and wait for these birds to fly.

I decided I would like this photo in black and white.

Checking out the beach and looking at Denman Island.

At +2C when we were out at Ships Point Park, it felt a lot colder today. My Cowichan sweater is really warm though! My hands were very cold after this photo shoot.

We drove around the Ships Point community and were stunned at how beautiful the homes were; especially some of the newer homes which were either in the process of being constructed, or had just been constructed. This little enclave of homes was a hidden gem, just off the Coastal Hwy and about a 2 minute drive from Lighthouse RV park. Who knew?

Of course there is always that one ’quirky’ neighbour whose taste in decor cannot truly be defined!

Carousel horses on the fence posts.

A very odd post ornament!

In Ships Point we found the largest free lending library we have ever seen!

Richard poked his nose into this Book Exchange and found himself a paperback Robert Ludlum book to read.

We headed home while we still had quite a bit of daylight, as Richard wanted to make a fire today. We have had wood sitting in our RV lot fire pit, since we arrived on December 1st, 2020. With the colder weather now here, and snow coming, Richard felt this might be his last opportunity for a while to stand around a fire and have a drink of red wine!

Richard and our neighbour Jim enjoying a beverage by the fire!

A nice roaring fire on Fanny Bay.

We really did have a day of nesting. We feel good about our day even though we didn’t really do that much, but we have “feathered our nest” so to speak, just like the Black Turnstones!

And now I’m going to do some research about on Salt Spring Island and our island get away next weekend.

Depending on the weather we may be couch potatoes tomorrow!

Go Buffalo Bills! It sure would be nice to see the Bills make the Super Bowl!

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