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Naughty or Nice?

We’re almost ready to roll out of Fanny Bay! And what a busy day we’ve had preparing for our next adventure!

We woke up to a beautiful sunny day in Fanny Bay, with very strange fog that hung over Deep Bay and Chrome Island, in the distance.

I worked on our RV trip a bit more this morning in the planning tool I use called ‘RV Trip Wizard’. We‘ve decided we aren’t going to book any RV parks past El Paso, Texas at this point because we are both of the same mindset that we would like to get to Florida for Christmas. We are really hoping that when we get to Florida one or both of our cars will work, because we really need a car in Florida. I guess that remains to be seen what we will be dealing with in Florida when we get there! Having cars sit since February 2020, will not have been good at all for the cars. Will those cars be naughty or will they be nice to us?

As we headed up the Coastal Hwy one last time today, the sun was streaming in the windows of Kramer, the Kona and I said to Richard “If only it was always like this on the Island!”.

Fishing boats in Union Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.

One of my favourite spots in Union Bay.

Inukshuk, Union Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.

I had my last osteopathy appointment in Comox today with Abbie, my osteopath. I was so glad I was able to see her one more time before we leave Canada. I’ve had great care and I am so appreciative of being able to see such a skilled practitioner!

We wanted to have sushi one more time before we left and of course our favourite sushi spot on the Island is in Comox.

Richard asked if we could eat outside Sushi Kobo today, so the owner brought our sushi outside on china plates!

What a treat to have our last sushi served to us on china plates, and to have a picnic in +9C weather! Now that’s amazing sushi! Notice how many veggies they put in veggie sushi!

Downtown Comox had a lot of activity going on today as they were having their Christmas tree lighting ceremony later today.

The road was closed downtown to prepare for all of the vendors that were setting up for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony this evening.

The tree was lit up I think, as well as the snowflakes on the lamp poles. I think they were testing out the tree this morning to be sure that it would work for this evening’s celebration!

I really enjoyed walking around downtown Comox, as I went to the local Scotiabank branch to get some U.S. cash for our trip. There is a true artistic spirit on the Island when it comes to Christmas. I think every store window I saw had ‘hand painted’ Christmas scenes painted in their windows.

A lovely winter scene.

A very frosty front window.

Santa, Mrs. Claus with the elves.

More snowmen.

Santa with his presents.

I particularly liked these windows though that were painted on the local dentist’s office in Comox.


Nice!! These names seem like them might be people that work at the dentist’s office. I am certain I would not want my name on the ’Naughty’ list for all the world to see walking by these windows for the next month!

We decided we would pick up some fixings to make our own pizza this evening. We never eat pizza on the Island, because the pizzaerias do not deliver to Fanny Bay, and we are not normally out in the evening to be able to pick up a pizza. So we’re making our own tonight and we’re really looking forward to pizza with fresh dough!

We stopped to pick up 4 jars of Kraft Peanut Butter to take with us to Florida. I prefer Kraft over US brands of peanut butter, so I’m glad we won’t run out of peanut butter while we are in the States. Kraft is great for baking cookies too and that is another reason I like having it in Florida, so I can bake with it.

Kraft Peanut Butter cookies:

1 cup of Kraft peanut butter, 1 egg and 1/2 cup of white sugar. No flour required! Add a chocolate chip on each cookie before you bake them! Bake at 350F. Delicious!!! When we ran Lakeshore Bed and Breakfast in Fort Erie, these were our ‘go to’ cookies - especially for people who had gluten allergies!

On our way home to Fanny Bay, we stopped at the Post Office in Union Bay to let the postmistress know that we would be leaving the Island. I still haven’t received my replacement socks from Darn Tough, but the postmistress did agree to forward the socks back to Fort Erie for me. I really appreciate her doing that for me, or I would have no replacement socks!

When we got home around 2pm today we started working on packing up Newman! We usually are towing Jerry behind us that could hold some of our stuff, but since we won’t have a tow car or rental car, Richard had to figure out how to put all that stuff in Newman’s, basement.

The first thing that had to come up was our RV carpet. We swept the carpet, and then folded it up to sit on the bottom of one of the slide outs, under Newman.

Pulling up the spIke’s that hold the carpet down on this windy RV lot in Fanny Bay.

Richard had to empty all this stuff on the picnic table from under Newman, to be able to fit in the golf clubs and golf cart, before he could pack this stuff around the clubs.

Getting the clubs in and the golf cart, before packing the rest of the basement

A bad photo, but I was on vacuum duty, to vacuum Kramer, the Kona. The Kona has been a fabulous rental car for us, but the car was full of pine needles, from the golf cart, so I borrowed a neighbour’s shop vac and cleaned the car, so that when we return it on Sunday, we won’t be charged an extra fee for returning a dirty rental car.

We thought it was very odd when we got home today that this pick up truck with a boat trailer was parked in the empty RV lot next to us. Somebody decided to launch their boat at Lighthouse RV park, which is private property, and parked their pickup and trailer in an RV spot! This spot was one the one that Jim from Fernie occupied last year.

This pickup was being very naughty parking where it shouldn’t be parked!

Upon closer inspection I saw that there was a nice note on the front of the pick up truck that Dave the RV park manager must have left for the owner! Naughty, naughty!

As Richard was winding up the packing of Newman I saw that the guy who owned the pickup had come back. He had taken his entire family, including two dogs out fishing for the day!

Now here’s a sight! Dave, the RV park manager, in a ‘wife beater’ t shirt, smoking a cigarette, having a very animated conversation with the dude that went fishing and owns the pick up truck.

Dave was telling this guy he was ”very, very naughty!”

I really thought there was going to be a ‘fisticuffs’, but the fishing guy seemed to back down and left with his family after getting his boat out of the water.

The little family coming back from their fishing trip.

Oh the drama of living in an RV park! We‘re happy to be heading out of Fanny Bay frankly and getting to some nicer spots to RV on our trip to Florida!

Well, we’ve been nice, not naughty and hopefully we don’t have any issues as we drive down to Victoria tomorrow. We had 59mm of rain in Fanny Bay this week and there is another ‘Atmospheric River’ arriving tomorrow, which is expected to deliver a similar amount of rain Saturday and into Sunday. We hope the roads are fine as we drive to Victoria to Fort Victoria, for our overnight stay. On the mainland they have already closed Hwy 3 in advance of more rains tomorrow, so we hope that the Malhat will stay open, as this road is the only way to get to Victoria!

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