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Lost & Found...!!

We had a rather grey, rainy day today when we woke up and we decided to take our duvet cover and blanket over to the laundromat in Lighthouse RV park, rather than attempt to wash them in Newman. What else is there to do on a rainy day, but laundry?!

Before we started the laundry, we watched CBS Sunday Morning and since tonight was the Grammy’s they were featuring a new artist that we had never heard of before called Michael Kiwanuka. We are listening to him while I write the blog tonight. I think we have a found a new favourite artist to listen to! Michael’s music is quite mellow and relaxing.

While the laundry was being done, I watched the Players Championship from TPC Sawgrass. I was cheering for Lee Westwood for the second week in a row, but unfortunately he came 2nd again today, or in keeping with today’s theme....he lost again!

Justin Thomas on the tee at the 15th at TPC Sawgrass in the Players Championship

JT really did play well to win today going birdie, birdie, eagle, birdie on the back nine. Wow! That’s great playing and he did deserve to win! I wonder what brand of golf shirt he was wearing, since he lost his sponsorship with Ralph Lauren earlier this year?

After having some lunch at home and getting the bed made up again, we decided to head over to Deep Bay to take a walk along the beach, behind some houses on the beach. We had not walked behind the houses before and I have to say it was very challenging trying to walk in rain boots on the sand! Oh my goodness!

I think its much easier to walk in flip flops or bare feet on a beach!

As we were walking down the beach all of a sudden we heard a loud HONK and sure enough a sea lion was very close to shore and wasn’t too happy that we were very close to him. I was able to snap this photo before he dropped back into the sea and swam away. You can tell from the photo how grey, misty and rainy it was, but we needed a walk and while it was only +2C, we knew a brisk beach walk would keep us warm.

One of the things Richard always says as we are hiking anywhere is “Do you think we will find a golf ball?” It’s the craziest thing to say as we are hiking through the forests, or by waterfalls. Of course we’re not going to find a golf ball....but the strangest thing happened today and Richard found a golf ball on the beach in Deep Bay!

A Taylormade golf ball on the beach for Richard! He kept it of course. And just as I took this picture I realized that I had lost my lens cap for my 35mm lens! I had the lens cap when I arrived on the beach. My usual protocol when I take the lens cap off is that I put it in my pocket of my coat or my down vest, so I don’t lose it. The lens cap on the 35mm lens is really small as the lens is a prime lens and when I have my rain gloves on, it is very difficult to get the lens cap to snap on the lens properly.

I really didn’t want to lose the lens cap, so we doubled back on the beach in our footprints to the spot where I had been taking photos of the sea lion. We walked around and around and around and around and FINALLY! Richard saw it and picked it up for me! Richard was really good lost and found guy today!

We could see that there were still fishing boats out around Denman Island fishing for herring today. The water was still a turquoise colour and the birds were having a hey day with the easy pickings of schools of herring for lunch!

Deep Bay Marina in the fog.

The rain was off and on as we walked along the road back to Jerry, among the small spit of homes in Deep Bay. There were not too many other brave souls out walking today on the beach, but it was still nice to get some steps in though!

Instead of taking the road back home to the Coastal Hwy from Deep Bay, we decided to continue straight on the road we were on, and didn’t we find a great spot to bird watch! The road we found was called ‘Shoreline Drive‘ and the road kept going down, down and down, until we were at the water’s edge. with a completely different view of Chrome and Denman Islands.

Chrome Island, with Denman Island in the background, from a different perspective.

Taking the shots of Chrome and Denman Island. My hands were absolutely frozen!

Somebody didn’t get out of the car to take this shot. You can see how wet it was through Jerry’s window!

As I was shooting Chrome & Denman Island I noticed a single herring standing on a rock, with Chrome Island opposite the heron in the frame.

Heron on the rock and Chrome Island opposite the heron.

The next thing I knew the heron was joined by 5 of his buddies! The water was turquoise in a patch near where the herons were hanging out. I think they must have already had their fill of herring, since they were not making a move to eat any fish.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many herons all hanging out together before! Usually we might see one or two together, but not 6!

Then two of the herons took off and I was able to capture them as they were coming down for a landing. It’s so hard to pan birds and get them in focus, but I was pretty happy with this shot today!

Coming in for a landing!

As I was taking a video of a heron flying, Richard yelled that the eagle that had been sitting on his rock was now in flight. I got the eagle on video and I will post it on Facebook. I think the eagle had a fish in his grasp but I’m not sure if he was able to keep it as he landed.

We headed home after getting some great shots of the herons and the eagle, and were pretty happy that we had found a new part of Deep Bay today. It’s amazing how many places we have found since we’ve been driving around the Island. The Island is so beautiful with so many nice little neighbourhoods and scenic vistas for photography and bird watching and you only find them by getting off the main highways and byways, or you would never know they were there!

We got home in time to see the snow start falling!

What? We had +12C yesterday and tonight we are having snow flurries?!! What’s with this crazy weather???

Richard still had to BBQ our freshly caught halibut on the BBQ so we needed this weather to clear up!

Cashew crusted halibut!

Our dinner this evening. A nice bottle of 40Knots Pinot Gris with rice, mixed stir fried greens and cashew crusted halibut. Yummy! We are really enjoying the fresh fish on the Island, as we’ve found great spots to pick it up fresh, and we will be in ’fresh fish’ withdrawal when we get home to Fort Erie!

Tomorrow I have a really, really early start! My strength training is at 7am in Courtenay! OMG. I couldn’t get any other time with Paul this week since we are heading to Tofino on Wednesday, so it was 7am or no training and I don’t want to miss a week without seeing Paul. Richard is feeling so much better today with his sciatica. I gave him some of my exercises and stretches to do and he actually did them! Now he’s calling me his personal trainer! HAHA....

Today was a great day of lost and found and we’re glad we were able to get out on such a rainy day, to still find ways to enjoy the day!

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