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Just like Mom’s?

As I’m writing today’s blog Newman smells amazing!

Today was our day to get organized and figure out what we really did or didn’t pack to come across Canada with us in Newman’s basement. After unpacking everything still missing was the instapot, and the juicer. We did find our outdoor rug in the basement, so we put our rug beside the RV, so that we can stop tracking dirt in. While we were getting set up we had both sets of neighbours - Jim and his wife Danielle from Fernie, B.C. and Steve from Nova Scotia come our for a chat and give us the “lay of the land” on all things Fanny Bay and north island.

We found out that Jim and Steve have both had 3 RV’s! They call it “2 footisis”! In speaking with them I asked Steve about the hot water situation, as I had another cold shower this morning! Steve advised us that the hot water will not be sufficient just on electricity to have a full tank of hot water for a shower. So what we need to do is flip to propane to heat the hot water, just before the showers in the morning. It’s nice to have a guy who knows so much RV’s living right next to us!! In fact Steve and his wife Karen are general manager’s at an RV camp in Nova Scotia and Steve fixes and renovates RV’s in the summer. We will have many more questions for Steve while we are here. What a perfect built in resource for us NEWBIE RV’ers!

First up on on today’s errands was to go get our mail forwarding set up. Both of our neighbours told us that the local post office will accept our mail. We were thinking we would have to rent a post office box... So off we went to the Union Bay Post Office...a quick 10 minute drive north to get the mail set up.

What a great set up at the Post Office! We can have our mail or Amazon packages (I’m in Amazon withdrawal), sent to our names c/o General Delivery, Union Bay Post Office, 5527 S Island Hwy, Union Bay, B.C. V0R 3B0. For 4 months the post office will accept our mail and packages without charge. So if anyone wants to send us anything that’s where we are accepting deliveries! The Post Office also doubles as the library and museum. There really isn’t much to Union Bay...and so far we can’t find Fanny Bay other than this place.

Our neighbour Steve says the salt and pepper wings on Thursday night’s half price wing night ($8) are amazing! He also loves the seafood chowder and he sure looks like he enjoys food, so we believe him! Today’s special was Shepherd’s Pie for $15. I think tomorrow we will go and check out the ”Inn” to get us a feed of wings for dinner. I had heard this place was very special before we left home. The Inn has been serving great food and drinks since 1938 with a beautiful location overlooking Baynes Sound. “FBI” has a jam night on Sunday evenings where the locals can bring their own instrument and jam. We will see how that is with Covid right now, but it sure sounds like a great local watering hole less than 5 minutes up the road.

We experienced all kinds of weird foggy weather today. Sunglasses on, sunglasses off. Sunglasses on...every few blocks there seemed to be fog and then it would disappear.

We needed some ingredients to make Oyster’s Po’Boy for dinner and since we were already on our way north, we thought we would head over to Comox to see what it was all about. I set the GPS to the Comox Golf Course, as I knew the course was right downtown Comox. The course bills itself as the “friendliest in the Comox Valley”! The course was very busy even though the fog made it feel a lot cooler than the 4C temperature.

After we purchased our groceries at Your Independent Grocers, we decided to eat our take our sushi in a park. Comox has a lot of parks on the Ocean and the one we chose was Goose Spit Park.

The fog was very thick at the park.

Goose Spit park was right next to the Department of National Defense Canadian Forces Base Comox. We quickly ate our lunch as we were not dressed for sitting outdoors today!

The entire spit had these timber’s holding up the beach to potentially prevent erosion.

We were curious about this golf course community we had heard so much about in Courtenay called Crown Isle. Since Comox and Courtenay are twin cities, we quickly found our way to the golf course. It looked DELUXE! Lots of beautiful houses and some new ones being built too. It was Interesting to see what the course looked like and hopefully to play there one day!

On our drive to Union Bay this morning we had seen signs for a “Just Like Mom’s” pies and home baked goods. I said to Richard on the drive home I want to stop and pick up a pie. We followed the signs off the main coastal road up a steep driveway and we were met with a very cute, all decorated for Christmas, pie shop!

The Bakery store is self serve and on the “honour” system! We have never experienced anything like this before!

The frozen pies were in the stand up freezers. The meringue pies were in a refrigerator and the shelves were laden with beautiful freshly made baked goods. We bought a raspberry, peach pie and then thought we would make the total up to $20 to leave the money in the drop box. Over a speaker we heard a voice say “there is change in the blue tray if you don’t want to spend $20!”. We thanked the kind gentleman and said we would like to spend $20. We also bought my favourite which is date squares and Richard’s favourite almond shortbread cookies and proceeded to put our money in the drop box. I think we’ll be making regular stops to “Just Like Mom’s” over the next 4 months!!

The pie smells devine and we are looking forward to digging into it after our oysters po’boys we’re making for dinner with a remoulade sauce on fresh hoagie rolls! MMMMM!!!!

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1 Comment

Dec 03, 2020

Love the reading and pictures... It seems like you’re spending the winter in our village here on the other end of the country ;))

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