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Here we go again!

This morning we were getting ready to leave Peddar Bay RV Resort & Marina so I headed down to the lower parking lot with Kramer the Kona only to find that someone had parked in front of Jerry!

Of all the places to park in this empty parking lot, the guy in the van had to park in front of Jerry, who is dead as a door knob and won’t move. I texted Richard that when he got down from the upper level where we were camping, he would need to figure out how to hook up Newman to Jerry.

Here comes Newman!

Just as Richard was about to figure out how to get Newman hooked up to Jerry, 2 young guys who work at Peddar Bay RV Resort happened to be going by in a golf cart. Richard asked them if they could please give him a hand to push Jerry backwards, and then forwards and Richard would steer Jerry. While the young guys were pushing Jerry, I put on Richard’s work gloves and directed Richard towards the hitch so that he could hook up Jerry to Newman. We were able to get Jerry and Newman re-united in the first attempt!

While Richard was getting Newman hooked up to Jerry I wanted to go inside Newman and grab an apple for the road, to eat while I drove. I tried to get the outside steps to retract in Newman, but they wouldn’t work. Great. It’s very steep to get from the ground into Newman without a step stool. Luckily we had brought a step stool from home in Jerry, so I was able to grab the step stool and jump up into Newman. I hope this problem resolves itself, otherwise, it is very tricky getting in and out of Newman!

When Richard finally got Newman and Jerry back together again, I programmed ‘Coast Auto Service’ in Qualicum Beach into both the GPS in Newman and into my phone in Kramer. The drive to Q. Beach was scheduled to take 2 hours and 18 minutes.

This was going to be my view for the next 2.5 hours.

See ya later Peddar Bay!

Traffic was a bit busy in Duncan, B.C. and we kept getting all of the red lights on our drive north on Highway 1.

Jerry has been dropped off and was being hooked up to the tow truck to get him into the garage at Coast Auto Service.

While I was waiting for Richard to deal with Jerry, I parked across the street from Coast Auto Service. I saw a sign which I thought looked very interesting and thought I should investigate.

Chanterelles grow wild on Vancouver Island under dense second-growth Douglas firs, and in mossy areas with sparse ground cover. Chanterelles grow after the first fall rains and they are getting harder and harder to find with more areas being logged on the Island. There are over 70 species of chanterelles worldwide and they are highly valued since they have a delicate flavour and a fruity aroma. Yesterday when we were having dinner with Josh and Alicia, Alicia mentioned that her brother forages for chanterelles this time of year and if she wants some, she has to ask her brother for them as he freezes them to use in his gourmet dishes that he prepares throughout the year. I was very surprised to find these delicacies in a Paint Store of all places!

General Paint for chanterelles!

Besides selling chanterelles (small sign on the right $10 a pound) the paint store has a ‘Word of the Moment’ saying!

I asked if I was in the right place for chanterelles and was told I was, and how many pounds did I want? I thought 1 pound would be enough, so that is what I bought!

Chanterelles! I felt like I was doing a dope transaction (not that I’ve ever done that) buying mushrooms on the sly for cash! The guy in the paint store said tell your friends as he still had 5 pounds of mushrooms left for sale.

By the time I bought the mushrooms Richard had already left the area, so I found my way through Q. Beach to the 19A highway north through a detour in Qualicum Beach. I quickly saw that Richard was still ahead of me and just as we were leaving Qualicum Beach, didn’t it start to rain! And I mean, pouring rain!

Of course it had to be raining as we headed back to Fanny Bay! It is just so appropriate that we would be arriving in rain!

And here is the forecast for Fanny Bay for the next week! Good thing I have good rain gear!

Richard stopped into the Essso station in Bowser to fill Newman up with propane. With the weather as nasty as it is, we will need to keep the furnace on to stay warm!

And here is our view from the same spot as last year, in Fanny Bay! At least we are consistent! Its a very good thing though that Newman has a new roof! At least we know our roof won’t be leaking this year, with days, upon days of rain in the forecast! Sunny Florida is looking more and more appealing by the minute!

Richard spoke to our oyster fisherman friends from last year already and also to Jody a fellow RV’r who has been here since last year. It is nice to have some familiarity with how things work around here. We have an empty air stream on one side of us and a trailer on the other side of us, which we hear is leaving next week. Richard is getting the name of a mobile RV repair person to see if he can come and fix our steps which will not come out. Jody seems to be the ringleader for getting the propane delivery truck to come from Viper fuels, so we will make sure she knows we want to be included when the truck comes. But where is St. Stephen when we need him? That’s the one thing that is not the same this year! No St. Stephen to help us with old Newman!

Tomorrow Richard will be leaving me for 7 days to work. I will tell you all about his whereabouts tomorrow in the blog. I sure hope everything works while Richard is gone! I do have St. Stephen on Messenger, but hopefully I won’t need to bother him!!! Fingers crossed!

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