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Hasta la vista, baby!

We woKe up this morning to a very nice sunrise. We’ve seen nicer here in Fanny Bay, but the nicest thing about looking out the window this morning was…. IT WASN’T RAINING!

This morning Richard was busily packing summer clothes for his work trip to Mexico! He has a very interesting 7 day job to do. He has to bring a group of people from Canada who are going to look at a mine near Mazatlan, Mexico. All he has to do is deal with their flight and then he gets to relax in Mexico on a beach for a few days! What a great gig!

Before I dropped Richard off at the ferry though, we both had to go up to Union Bay to let our favourite postmistress know that we were back in town. She remembered us from last year so it was an ‘easy peasy’ visit to the post office. Now that we have our mail forwarding figured out, Liz, our amazing caretaker in Fort Erie can forward our mail to us. In case you want to send us anything - (donations maybe for Jerry’s repair….LOL), we are at: GENERAL DELIVERY, Union Bay, B.C. V0R 3B0.

Still sunny in Buckley Bay as we headed to the Hwy 19 to go to Duke Point, south of Nanaimo, for the ferry to Tsawsswen

There was quite a bit of fog today coming off the mountains as we drove south on Hwy 19 towards Nanaimo.

That looks pretty ominous. It is getting quite dark as we get closer to Nanaimo.

Next ferry sailing 12:45pm to Tsawwasen. Richard likes to be early for everything so when I dropped him a the Duke Point Ferry terminal to walk onto the terminal, he still had an hour to wait for the ferry.

This is the first time either one of us has ’walked on’ the ferry. Richard would have to figure out the bus and train in Tsawwasen to his hotel, once he got to the mainland.

Hasta la Vista baby! or in other words “Until the next time we see each other!” I had to use a Spanish term of course because Richard is going to Mexico! I also told him to be extremely careful in his travels. Everyone on his flight has to be double vaccinated of course and on the return flight everyone has to have negative Covid tests done in Mexico before they can get back into Canada. This will be Richard’s first time taking a Covid test so that will be an interesting experience I’m sure! I have to pick Richard up next week when he returns at the Comox airport.

After dropping Richard off I wanted to have a quick hike in Nanaimo. Last year we had visited Neck Point Park, but had not hiked around it, so I thought I would try the short hike before the rain started.

I programmed Google maps phone for Neck Point Park and headed north in Nanaimo. As I was stopped at a traffic light, I saw this van in front of me with a lot of stickers on the back of it. I was absolutely gobsmacked when I read the bumper stickers, so I had to take a photo of them. Unbelievable!

Really? And did they have Covid when Jesus walked the earth?

While you might be fully insured to be a contractor there is no way I would ever hire you to work in my home since you’re not vaccinated! I think this is definitely going to be a ‘thing’ where you won’t want anyone working in your home unless they can prove they are vaccinated.

Neck Point Park is a destination waterfront park for Nanaimo and the region. The park is recognized as an environmentally sensitive area and is well known in the community for its historic, scenic and natural features. Additional land was aquired in 2009 and the park now provides visitors with 36 acres of a waterfront setting to explore. Visitors will find rugged rock cliffs, with pebble bay beaches, and winding trails through Garry Oak groves. The park is a great location for photographers wanting to capture the essence of Nanaimo and the west coast lifestyle.

Ok. Here we go. First hike on the Island without Richard! I had to figure out how to manage with my keys, phone, glasses, camera and lens. As I was walking past the lady in the red coat she said to me that she hoped she didn’t ruin my picture! I told her that the pop of red in her coat looked great against the green landscape. People are so friendly on the Island!

A lone fisherman on the rocky shores of Neck Point Park.

I loved this craggy tree and how it was growing over the pathway.

A man and his dog walking the beach.

The park is also popular with scuba divers as an access road allows for drive up diving. Divers tell tales of an impressive array of sealife off the rocky headlands at the end of the parks namesake 'neck'. There is a deep water rock wall face that is reportedly home to a friendly octopus

The rain had started to fall as I took this photo. So west coast! Beautiful!

Diving spot at Neck Point Park. Apparently the water is calm a few metres under the water, and the temperature is somewhat stable.

The Rusty North Pole in Neck Point Park. Many people assume this pole was used to identify land coordinates for boats passing through the Salish Sea with a beacon of light. While it did serve as a landmark for those travelling on the water, it more importantly, serves to identify coordinates to those on land. This pole serves as a datum point and coordinates with other areas of Nanaimo for mapping. Did you know that Datum Points are permanent reference points that take measurement of the earth’s surface against which other measurements are made and used to provide a geographical coordinates system. Datum points can provide information such as land changes in position, elevation, surface structure, mapping and GPS. In this case, the datum point would also be used for nautical charts and height above sea level! Very cool! Who knew?

I would have liked to explore Neck Point Park further but the rain was really starting to come down and I didn’t have my trusty Goretex coat or rainproof hat on.

While my sweater does resist water, I don’t like to be out in torrential rain in it!

My next stop was Staples!

We don’t have a printer in Newman and I needed to print a Warranty form.

Seems simple enough to return my socks.

All ready to return these socks tomorrow at the Union Bay post office. Darn Tough are the absolute best socks! The socks are merino wool (so no blisters…ever!) and they are great for hiking, plus they keep my feet really warm. I’ve worn Darn Tough socks for many, many years and never have I had to return them. Unfortunately this pair has a hole in them and I just bought them last month when we were at MEC in Vancouver Island. I have lots of their socks, but I really liked the colour of this pair so I hope they have it in stock to send me the same pair! Check them out at MEC or Sail.

While I was making my way back home to rainy Fanny Bay, Richard was making his way on the ferry to Vancouver.

That ferry doesn’t look too busy today!

Richard had to take a ferry, bus and then the sky train to his hotel. Almost planes, trains and automobiles!

Sky train!

The weather forecast is not looking any better for the next few days with 100% chance of rain for the next 3 days. UGH!

Newman in his usual spot in Fanny Bay. The road has the same pot holes and puddles as it did last year! Some things never change! The airstream on the left of us is owned by Matt’s (the park owner) mother. She lives in Kenora, so I guess she won’t be here anytime soon!

I’m dealing with a slippery step stool to get into Newman because the steps won’t come out! Richard has the mobile RV repair person coming Friday at 2pm to fix the steps. In the meantime I think I’m going to go and buy a Gorilla Ladders Heavy Duty Step Platform that my good friend Heather recommended. A lot studier than this little step stool. I almost slipped today getting back up into Newman.

Despite all the rain, there is still some nice colourful things to take photos of!

Tonight I’m definitely going to make some chicken pho soup for dinner. It’s a soup kind of night I think with all of this damp and rain! I’ve got lots of books downloaded too on my Kindle, to keep me entertained at night, with Richard away for the next week. It’s not the same here without him, but ‘Hasta La Vista, baby!” and safe travels!

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