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Git ‘er done!

Today was one of those days we got a lot done! I have a former boss who used to use this expression “Git er done”! As this boss did run the #1 Automotive Finance business in Canada, we got a lot of stuff done and we all had to be “on the ball” to get that stuff done. No laggards were allowed to work in the business or they just didn’t survive! We would punt those lazy people over to the competition! LOL.

I was up early this morning to have a call this morning with my replacement at the Bank. Since we didn’t have a very long overlap time, I’m still engaged whenever she needs me to help with her transition into my old role.

Some people believe in transitions more than others. I think they are very important!

So after my hour call we still had a lot of the morning left for working on a few things.

I had bought a vertical camera grip for my new Fuji X-T4 which I had never installed. I’m finding that I’m getting tendinitis in my right thumb from the camera - especially with the longer, heavier lens I’m using. So for the past few days I’ve been taking photos with the 35mm lens which is a lot lighter on the camera, so I can rest my thumb. Installing the vertical battery grip makes the camera heavier, but gives me 3 batteries as well as more to hold onto with my whole hand, instead of resting the weight of the camera on my thumb. I even googled it and it is an occupational hazard for photographers. Rest, ice, compression, and anti-inflammatory meds and I will be good as new.

The vertical battery grip is attached to the bottom of the camera.

I asked Richard to call the Fanny Bay Oysters Seafood shop today to see if their Dungeness crabs had come it. He called and sure enough, the crabs had arrived last evening. Rather than waiting ‘til later today to pick them up, Richard told Chris he would be right up to pick up 2 cleaned and killed crabs. He was up to Buckley Bay and back within a half an hour with our crabs for dinner.

Fanny Bay Oysters Seafood shop in Buckley Bay - about a 6 min drive north on the Coastal Hwy,

Help me! I just wanna get out of here!!

Dungeness crab. We ended up paying $56 for two cleaned and killed crabs.

Other seafood delicacies for sale. Mussels, oysters & clams.

While Richard was gone up to Buckley Bay to pick up the crabs I got busy on trying to determine what spa package we would be booking with the gift certificate we received from Josh & Alicia, for Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside Spa Resort. There were so many different options to choose from and ultimately I decided we would be going with the Grotto Bliss package for each of us. Richard called the spa once he returned and we are booked for next Tuesday for our 5 hour spa day each. The spa package also comes with unlimited tapas while we are at the spa, so we truly cannot wait to experience the # 1 rated spa in Canada. We think the last time we were both at the spa was when we were in Jamaica at a Bank sponsored “Best of the Best”. Richard had the aromatherapy massage and fell asleep next to me as I was getting killed with the deep tissue massage! The spa has very strict Covid protocols and no treatments can be conducted without masks on, so no facials etc. More about the spa next week after we’ve been for our spa day!

Since my big 60th birthday is coming up, we decided we would save going to the VRBO I found in Tofino, until my birthday in March. I was able to find us a lovely condo downtown Tofino overlooking the water, with a balcony and right on the main street, to be able to walk to restaurants. The condo is called “a photographers’ dream”! Since I had confirmed with the owner that we were considered “locals” since we are living on the Island for the winter, I booked us from March 17-21st so we will be able to see Tofino and Ucluelet as well as take in a whale watching trip. I will really have a memorable 60th on March 20th! We had originally planned on going to New Zealand for the month of March 2021 and I was hoping to be golfing Cape Kidnappers golf course in New Zealand on my birthday. That golf course is definitely on my “bucket list” as a course I want to play. We will get there another time, and how often can you go whale watching on your birthday right?!! Since Plan A did work out...Plan B sounds pretty good still! I think a lot of us are making our Plan B’s work out this year!!

What a great morning. We were knocking things off our list that needed to be done! It feels good not to have stuff hanging over our heads! This retirement vibe sure takes away any sense of urgency!

And today was propane day too! One more thing done!!!

Our neighbour Jim supervising the propane delivery today for Lighthouse RV park. Unfortunately something was wrong with Jim’s intake valve for his propane tank on his Newmar BayStar, so he was not able to get propane into his RV. We aren’t sure what he is going to do since he still needs propane to heat his RV, but we think the person from Viper Fuels may have a solution for him. His RV is brand new too. Yikes. We’re just happy Newman is full of propane again since we had to go a very long time this time, managing our usage.

We had a beautiful sunny +5C day today for our golf game at Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Club. We were originally just a twosome, and then on the 1st tee, 2 other ’walk on’s‘ joined us; John, a member who lives in Qualicum Beach and Gustavo from Red Deer. Gustavo was in town looking to buy a home and get out of the cold winters in Red Deer. He usually winters in Costa Rica or Columbia (where he is originally from).

1st tee Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Club.

1st hole. A long par 5. I finally made par on this hole for the first time today with a really long, snaky, downhill putt. The first hole is all uphill and with the winter conditions, there is no roll on the fairways.

Happy to make par on #1 for the first time. Unfortunately this ball didn’t make it to the 9th hole :(

Richard talking to someone. We both had better games today. I finally made 3 pars today on this course! Woohoo!

Chilling on hole #5. A par 3 over a gully and we always have to wait for the group ahead of us before we can hit.

After golf we made a quick pit stop in Bowser to visit the local grocery store and pick up a few things for dinner. With a bakery in this grocery store we bought some date squares and nanaimo bars to try as well!

We arrived home to get the Napoleon gas BBQ going so Richard could boil the Dungeness crabs in boiling salted water.

Dungeness crabs before cooking.

It took a very long time to bring the pot of heavily salted water up to a rolling boil, and by now it was dark outside! Good thing Richard has a headlight he wears now on his hat to BBQ!

Waiting for the pot to boil. We did put the lid on it.

The cooked crabs.

Ice bath for the crabs

Working hard to get the crab meat out of the crabs.

One of Richard’s friends told us to use a rolling pin on the claws. The crab tools - the cracker and the pins and his hands were the best way to get the meat out of the claws.

That sure is a lot of shells for the amount of meat we got.

The finished product! Fresh Dungeness crab with clarified butter and lemon juice served with basmati rice and homemade coleslaw. A FEAST in Newman on a Tuesday evening! While it is nice to go out, it sure is nice to have our music on our bluetooth speaker, a beeswax candle going and some nice Grey Monk Pinot Gris over a leisurely dinner at home. Small pleasures to treasure and remember of our winter on the Island!

Tomorrow is Inauguration Day! We will have to set an alarm with the time difference to be able to watch this historic day. I’m sure not a lot of work will get done tomorrow with everyone glued to their TV sets!

We sure feel a big sense of accomplishment today. We definitely ‘git er done’ and tomorrow I think we are off to Campbell River to pick up the front turn signal part for Jerry. I wonder what other mischief we can get up to there?

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