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Do you think Newman can float?

Noah’s ark was a lot bigger than Newman, and it floated, so why not? Newman has had many adventures, so what’s one more?

Have you ever had one of those days when nothing goes right and you feel like you didn’t accomplish a thing? Today was one of those days!!!

In fact I would go a step further and invoke PATHETIC FALLACY! Having studied English at University, we had to learn all of these fancy terms to interpret literature. With ‘Pathetic Fallacy’ being one that applied to me and my mood today.... “The somber weather darkened my mood“, being a prime example of pathetic’s that for some “learnin’”?

Let’s revert to yesterday when things were still good!

Last night we had more fresh halibut for dinner. The halibut was so flaky and delicious perfectly paired with twice baked potatoes and Caesar salad. YUM YUM! We baked the halibut in the oven with sour cream, parmesan cheese, fresh dill and scallions. The taste was very, very subtle, but amazing, if I do say so myself. I’m not used to cooking fish at home, so I’m learning out here in B.C., with lots of opportunity for fresh fish!

Of course we love our B.C. Pinot Gris from Gray Monk alongside our delicious meal.

This morning was another monsoon rain and today was also the day our neighbour Steve was leaving us to move to his new RV park in Parksville. Richard wanted to help be Steve’s spotter, so he put his waterproof coat and hat on and went outside to help. The weather forecast was calling for 50mm of rain overnight and into today.

Behind Newman. If this keeps up he will float away! The cones are where the road was repaired from Newman breaking the water main.

No more neighbour on one side..for now

A little soggy at Lighthouse RV park in Fanny bay.

While Richard was helping Steve, I decided to check on the status of my camera delivery. Today was supposed to be camera delivery day, according to Amazon. I went online and sure enough, Amazon sent it by Purolator and Purolator won’t deliver to the Post Office. I had to track down the package on the Purolator site with the Amazon tracking number. I thought I would use the chat function on Purloator’s site, with a ”chat bot” instead of waiting on hold with my cell phone, for a “live agent”. After no response online, I finally called Purolator.

Finally after listening to the annoying Purolator music, I was transferred to a live agent after about an hour. The agent was able to get the package moved to the Purolator depot in Courtenay, B.C. with delivery “as soon as possible”. I signed up for email notifications and hopefully it will be in Courtenay tomorrow when we are there for another appointment, to pick it up. I’m really excited about learning about the new camera, as it will give me something to do on rainy days like today.

We also found out today that the relief manager at the RV park is a professional photographer and he offers online and in person ‘one on one’ lessons. I may take him up on a lesson or two while I’m here so I can keep honing my photography skills. The next step for me is to purchase a laptop suitable for photography and actually learn Photoshop or Lightroom. I have an ipad version of photoshop, but I would prefer to learn the full blown tool on a laptop. I have lots of time, so why not?!!! 2021 goals!!

After Richard came in from the rain, looking like a drowned rat, we needed to tackle the Rogers cell and ipad move from my Scotiabank corporate plans, to Richard’s business account at Rogers. After 4 hours of being on hold and being cut off once, we still don‘t have my phone resolved and I’ve had to escalate within Scotiabank to resolve the matter first thing tomorrow with Rogers. Hopefully people will take ownership and this will be done seamlessly tomorrow...but I’m not holding my breath! If I really was still working full time instead of being on vacation, I’d need a day off, just to look after all the stuff that needs to be done when leading up to retirement!

To escape Newman for an hour, we headed up to the Post Office in Union Bay. There was no mail unfortunately for us today. We had to be very careful on the roads today as the potential for hydroplaning was huge!

At 4pm driving back from Union Bay to Fanny Bay.

I took the camera off autofocus to take this shot through the windshield of Jerry.

I asked Richard to pull over in Union Bay so I could take some photos of the waves crashing on the fishing boats. I was being pelted me with rain, but I needed to get outside to take some photos!

The fog was rolling in, in Union Bay. No fisherman were out today in this weather!

Our friend the inukshuk on a lot rougher day than last week.

Someone wasn’t going to get wet again today!

The photographer’s won’t stop me!

Oh, and by the way, they do have floating RV’s! It’s called a Terra Wind Amphibious RV and it costs $850,000US. One part decked out motor home, one part crazy looking lake going vessel. It also comes with an 8 jet whirlpool tub, marble floors, a 42 inch plasma tv and a 6 foot swim deck, that’s perfect for fishing. Imagine, if we purchased one of these amphibious RV’s we could just sit here in the living room in Fanny Bay and fish from either end of Newman...or Noah as we’d have to call him!

And Newman’s roof is NOT LEAKING! Thank you Steve! We miss you already!!

Tomorrow it might not rain! We’re hoping to go for a hike in Courtenay or Comox.

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