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Blue skies, smiling at me

Nothin’ but blues skies do I see….

Ah, a nice morning for a change! Sun, blue sky and no rain!

When we saw we had some blue skies, Richard decided he would ask if he could borrow Owen’s ladder and get started on the Di-cor on Newman’s roof. As soon as Richard asked to borrow Owen’s ladder, Owen quickly came right over to help Richard out.

First things first, the tarp had to come off.

Owen sure gets up on the roof quickly! That’s a good thing, because Richard does not like getting up on the roof!

The tarp is finally off Newman! The tarp has been on since last Wednesday. A full week of having a tarp on the roof.

Owen has a squeegee on a pole, so he was pushing the excess water and ice off Newman’s roof. We had a frost overnight for the first time since we’ve been parked in Fanny Bay.

Chunks of ice falling off the roof from Owen pushing them with his squeegee.

After we got the tarp off the roof and while Richard was waiting for the roof to dry off (before he started on the Di-cor), we spread the tarp out to let it dry in the sunshine.

The tarp drying in the sun.

When Richard got on the ladder to work on the Di-cor, he took some before pictures of the roof.

You can see that there is a slight opening on the roof in the photo above. Imagine winds of 40km/hr and rain blowing straight at that opening off the Salish Sea! No wonder the roof leaked!

Richard decided to seal the right side of this seam where you can see the grey colour.

Another view on the right, of the section that was leaking.

Wishing him luck as he starts on the Di-cor job on Newman’s roof.

While Richard was on the ladder, my job was to hold the ladder. A kind of boring job, but I knew it would keep Richard safe, so I held onto the ladder.

Richard used 5 tubes of Di-cor on the roof before the clouds started rolling in. I’ll post a video on Instagram of the finished Di-cor roofing job (which will go on Facebook as well). Richard also used silicone sealant to seal the running lights on the front of Newman, as some water may have been coming in through the lights as well.

Lots and lots of Di-cor now on that front roof seam!

It was a beautiful +7C day to be outside until the grey skies rolled in around lunchtime. We were outside from about 9:30am to 12:30pm working on the roof.

After Richard was finished on Newman’s roof he went to help our neighbour Owen who needed to level his coach manually because his air jacks weren’t working properly.

RV’ers really are the best people! They really know how to help each other out!

While Richard was helping Owen I decided to take a few photos of the oyster fisherman heading out from Fanny Bay Oysters for their work day.

I didn’t change this photo to sepia. It just turned out that way when I took it.

Fanny Bay Oyster fisherman

After working all morning on the roof, we were pretty hungry, so I came inside Newman and made some homemade leek and potato soup in the Instant Pot and the Vitamix. I’m smiling, but just after this photo, I had soup all over me, since I didn’t seal the Vitamix properly. LOL!

Making homemade soup for lunch!

Homemade leek and potato soup, with parmesan cheese and fresh ground pepper. Delicious and the soup warmed us up nicely after working outside all morning.

We needed to go and get some groceries after lunch as tomorrow is Remembrance Day, and all of the grocery stores on the Island are closed. We also wanted to visit BCAA to get some maps and guidebooks of the US states we are going to travel through on our journey to Florida. Since we are CAA members, the maps and guidebooks are all free!

That’s a lot of maps and guidebooks to review!

We had not been to any bakeries yet on this trip to the Island, so on our way home from Courtenay we just had to stop at ‘Just like mom’s’ for some sweets! Pecan butter tarts and lemon shortbread cookies.

We also stopped for fresh salmon today at the Fanny Bay Oyster’s store in Buckley Bay.

Tonight we picked up some fresh Steelhead salmon for dinner. Steelhead salmon is actually ocean trout that migrates upstream just like its cousin - actual salmon. We could have purchased sockeye salmon, but it was frozen and we wanted to eat fresh fish for dinner tonight, so we bought the steelhead. $12 for the piece of salmon at the back of the tray. The halibut was fresh too right next store to the salmon, but we wanted salmon tonight. Richard hasn’t set up the BBQ yet, so we’ll be cooking the salmon inside in the oven. It sure is nice to know our way around to be able to visit the spots where we know the food is the freshest and of the best quality!!

As we drove home from Buckley Bay, the skies looked pretty ominous.

This photo was taken at 4:16pm this afternoon. I definitely think we are in for some weather!

Oh dear! That weather radar does look pretty bad!

Will the roof leak after the Di-cor job Richard did tonight? I guess you’ll have tune in tomorrow to see what happens with Newman’s roof!! We were so happy to see some sunshine and blue skies today. It definitely cheered us up being able to get outside and work on the roof. Now let’s hope we continue to get some nice weather so we can get out hiking and exploring. We still have a few spots in our area that we haven’t visited before, that we want to get out and see before we leave the Island. We’re still not sure if we will leave earlier than planned or depart on December 7th as we have scheduled. Its nice to ‘wing it’ and not be stuck to a schedule. Without a tow car to pull I did some morning research today on how we could get around Seattle without a car. It is definitely ’doable’ but will not be as easy in big cities, as it would be with a car. Anyway, we’ve got some time and now CAA guidebooks to help us figure this all out before we leave. We’re still having fun despite our challenges!

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