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A ‘ME’ day!

The forecast again today was 100% chance of rain. I guess there was no ‘wiggle’ room in that forecast! At least I had my ‘ME’ day planned today. It’s been a long time since I took the time to look after me, and with the outdoor activities limited due to the rain, I’m glad I took the time today to have some self care!

Last night after I finished the blog and the tv wasn’t working I tried to get the tv volume to work manually by touching the up arrow on the volume button on the tv. I was able to get the tv volume up as loud as I wanted, only to watch the volume go down on its own, when I took my finger off the volume button. Man, what else could go wrong?!! It’s like the tv had a mind of its own. All I wanted to do was watch the news and find out what was going on in the world. Luckily I have the Bell Fibe app on my ipad, so I turned the tv off and watched the news on my Ipad. Very weird, but I wasn’t going to let it bother me. I found another solution!

As I was watching the news, and it was pitch black outside, I heard a knock on the front door. I couldn’t find the switch fast enough to turn the light on outside, but after I opened the door, this person hands me a plate and says enjoy!

Freshly baked homemade carrot cake, with cream cheese icing.

I asked this stranger at my door who they were? The guy replied “I’m Dave, I run the RV park for Matt! I just made this carrot cake and I thought you might enjoy a piece. It’s the best you will ever have!” I thanked him and went back inside Newman. Now if that just doesn’t make my last two days a lot better?!!!! Carrot cake with cream cheese icing is probably my favourite cake, tied with Red Velvet cake, with cream cheese icing. And homemade cake is always the best! WOW, was that ever nice of him, but how did he know I was having a bad few days?

I messaged Richard in Mexico to ask him how Dave knew I was having a bad day. Richard said that he had messaged Dave to see if he could help me with the tarp on the roof, but due to liability issues he didn’t want to get up on our roof, so instead he brought me some homemade cake to make me feel better! What a thoughtful guy! I still don’t know what he looks like and I’ve got to get him his plate back, because you bet, I finished that whole slice of cake last night!

Yup. I sure was a little piggy eating my cake! I’m glad Richard wasn’t here so I didn’t have to share it either!!!

While I was eating my cake Ron and Lenore FaceTimed me to cheer me up! I think Ron was worried I would run into sharp objects if I didn’t get a break! He suggested I get my November light out, which I did today.

My ‘November’ light as Ron calls it. It’s actually a light for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). It’s nice to have some warm light on grey days in Fanny Bay!

Last night I actually had to set an alarm so I would make it to the spa on time this morning! My treatments were to start at 10am and I needed to be at the spa at 9:55am to fill out the consent and treatment form. I was having a 90 minute massage, an anti ageing facial as well as a pedicure. Almost a full day of therapy! Woohoo!!!

As I was having my pedicure I had an email from Harvest Hosts. We are members of Harvest Hosts, where we camp at wineries, museums, breweries, farms and golf courses. They had some RV humour on their site today and I thought this saying was very appropriate to our situation with Newman!

I think I need this plaque to hang up in Newman!

I really enjoyed my time at the spa today. My therapist was very knowledgeable and applied a lot of pressure on my massage, which I really like. I played a lot of golf this summer and it was definitely time for some ‘me’ time! She said my skin was in great shape for someone my age too. I’m not sure if she gives everyone the same complement, but it did make me glad I use sunscreen every time I go outside in the summer.

After my treatments in Courtenay, I decided to drive over to Comox and grab a quick lunch.

Our favourite sushi spot downtown Comox.

Veggie roll for $5.75! And so tasty and freshly made in 10 minutes. Richard was jealous I was eating at Sushi Kobo!

After I finished my sushi in Kramer the Kona, the sun came out! I was so happy that the forecast was wrong, and now it meant I could go for a hike and take some photos! My camera is always with me, but some days there is nothing worth shooting when its so rainy and grey!

I wanted to go somewhere we had never hiked before in Comox, and as luck would have it, I found a spot really close to downtown Comox.

I was able to park on the road outside the park.

I thought the sign ‘Horses on Trail Prohibited’ a funny sign given this is a deep forest, but I guess some people think ‘why not ride my horse through there?’

The path through Macdonald Wood Park was well groomed, despite a few muddy spots from all the rain we have had in the past few days. The park was established in 1996 as a broad community effort to protect a unique waterfront forest. Macdonald Wood Park Society recognizes the ongoing commitment of its 600 members and many supporters to protect the nine acres of older second-growth forest.

Macdonald Wood Park.

Woah, these branches were a bit low for someone 6 feet tall!

As I hiked through the forest in MacDonald Wood Park, the trail looked like it ended.

Trail leading me to the water maybe?

No. The trail led me to a boardwalk by the water.

As the boardwalk ended, I was now at the Comox Estuary!

A man and his two dogs were throwing around a stick, as the sun started streaming though the heavy grey clouds. Comox Harbour is in the background.

I’ve learned to always look behind you when you are taking photos. Sometimes what you’re not looking at can be the best photo of the day! This photo is looking back towards Goose Spit park a spot we often frequented last year to eat our lunch and watch the waves and the mountains.

As I kept walking through the estuary I was intrigued with these ponds in between the grasses. Apparently this is a Salt Marsh which is regularly flooded by the sea tides. Salt Marshes are very productive ecosystems that provide food, refuge and nursery habitat for fish (including salmon) birds and other wildlife. They are essential for healthy fish stocks, marine bird populations, coastlines and communities. Salt Marshes also help to mitigate some of the impacts of climate change as the plants in the marshes take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they change sunlight into food through a process called ‘photosynthesis’. This ‘blue carbon’ is stored within the plants and the soils below. The plants also protect the shoreline from erosion and storm surges by buffering wave action and trapping sediments. They reduce flooding by absorbing floodwaters and improve water quality by filtering the water that passes through them. How cool is that to learn about Salt Marshes? It’s funny what we stumble upon in our travels!

I headed back from my hike a different way. I thought the colours in this photo were pretty nice, but the sky definitely did look ominous.

A beautiful cedar bridge in this new park I stumbled on.

Oh my that’s a steep trail.

I took this steep trail instead. I had to climb up the top of this trail sideways. You know, turn sideways, one foot up, bring the other foot to meet it, repeat and repeat! It was a bit crazy how steep the trail was. It definitely didn’t feel like I had gone down that much in elevation from the start of my hike.

If I had taken the road down to the water instead of the trail, this would have been my path. I guess there was some elevation involved after all!

As I headed for home I was very content with my day. I needed a ‘ME’ day of pampering, good sushi, and a nice hike with beautiful photography. I decided to take the main Hwy 19 home so I could get home faster, and of course didn’t it start raining as I was driving home!

Driving back to Fanny Bay, with the rain just falling lightly.

When I got home I checked my bucket that I had put out on Wednesday morning to see how much rain has fallen in a few short days.

The water level is at 9 litres of rain since Wednesday morning. Isn’t that crazy? Tomorrow‘s forecast is only an 80% chance of rain! So there is hope that we might see the sun tomorrow again! I think I’ll head south tomorrow instead of north!

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