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A boring day....NO WAY...not us!

I thought today was going to be a bit boring. Working on some retirement stuff this morning, going up to Courtenay for my strength training class while Richard ran some errands in town, and then off to Bowser to fill Newman’s propane tank. A day of errands that have to be done, when we would rather be having fun hiking or golfing!

So off to Courtenay we went and while we were driving up the Coastal Hwy, the sun came out! What a glorious day at +6C and sunny! Everywhere we looked there were people out hiking or cycling.

People know here that when the weather is good, to get out and enjoy the day...because tomorrow it will probably be raining!

After strength training we stopped at Sushi Centre and picked up some freshly made sushi! I asked Richard to take some photos of the sushi being made but the sushi masters would not allow any photos.

Sushi place in Courtenay.

Fresh veggie for me with lots of ginger!

Dynamite roll for Richard.

We drove to my favourite little spot in Union Bay to eat our freshly made sushi and watch the boats going in and out of the harbour. We stopped to check for mail, but the Post Office was closed today for Boxing Day observed.

As soon as we got home, it was time to get Newman ready for his journey down the road to Bowser for more propane. We were filled up with propane 9 days ago, but there is a cold spell coming, with potential freezing weather. Richard did not want to take Newman out with freezing roads and we were down to a 1/4 of a tank of propane.

The last time we went for propane I had to be the spotter and use the walkie talkie to help Richard back up out of our RV spot. This time Richard had Jim, our neighbour give him hand signals, and after a bit of back and forth to get out of our spot, we were off to Bowser, an 8 minute drive down the Coastal Hwy. We left at 2:20pm and Richard had scoped out how he was going to turn Newman around, to have the propane tank on the proper side for filling up at the Esso station. All went well with our fill up and we were back on the road to Lighthouse RV park at 2:50pm.

Lighthouse RV park entrance.

This is where it becomes a bit more eventful shall we say!

The driveway entrance to Lighthouse RV has 2 major deep pot holes, as wide as our RV tires, just as we drive through the gates of the RV park. Remember this tidbit of information. It is important!

We think to ourselves, we’ve really got this figured out. We can drive down to Bowser, turn around at the depaenneur just past the Esso station, fill up with propane and be back in our RV site, all in about 45 minutes. WRONG!!!!

We arrived back at our lovely RV site, to see Jim, Steve and Mike all standing around watching us pull in. We wondered why the welcoming committee? We’d only been gone for 45 minutes.

Unbeknownst to us, we were dragging one of our storage doors all the way down the road from the front entrance potholes, to our site! to turn a rather routine, boring day, into something a bit more exciting!

Steve and Richard assessing the damage with Jim in the background.

Note the metal strip, which is supposed to be holding the door, is not attached properly.

Damage done from dragging the door down the gravel road in the RV park.

Apparently when we hit the pot holes as we entered the RV park, the door was not closed properly; the door unlatched and got caught on the pothole and came off the hinge, which caused it to drag down the road after us! OMG!!!

Luckily Steve is still here until Wednesday and he and Richard are out working on the door now. Steve says this is an “easy fix”. Not to worry Steve says, he’s seen a lot worse!

But that’s not all! It gets more exciting!

When we backed out of our site and went down the road to Bowser, apparently Newman’s weight on the gravel driveway, broke the water main in the road! Our neighbour Jim said the water was shooting up everywhere after we left! We didn’t see any of it, as we were on our merry way to go and get propane!

Matt, the owner of the RV park was out trying to fix the main when we arrived back with Newman after our propane fill up.

Jim and Steve watching Matt fix the water main.

So our neighbours really weren’t out waiting for the return of Newman! They were out to watch Matt fixing the broken water main. OMG....!!! It just so happened that we had the problem with the basement door, to compound the situation with the broken water main!

Its really a good thing Richard picked up a bottle of Jameson on sale in Courtenay today. The 1.14L bottle was on sale for the price of the smaller bottle. I really think the phrase “Sine Metu”or “WITHOUT FEAR” on the bottle of Jameson suits Richard so well to be RVing for the first time with a 15 year old RV, in the winter in Canada. I do think he will need a drink or 2 before dinner, after he gets in Newman for the night!

Last I checked we still didn’t have any water and all I can hear is drilling and voices outside. I’m not going to see what is going on! Who needs any more stress?!!

I think we will bury 2020 very soon with a good bottle of champagne and look forward to 2021 when things will be much better!

Here’s to no more RV disasters for 2020 or 2021!@#$%$#@#$#@#$!

Richard is in for the night and says that Steve will buy a few new “L” brackets and an aluminum strip tomorrow in town, to help finish off the repair which his now 75% complete.

We won’t ever lose Steve’s number!

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