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Where’s the warmest place in Canada?

Where we are staying tonight...although it doesn’t feel that warm today at +4C and grey and cloudy!

We left The Orchard RV resort our boutique RV park (LOL!) around 9am this morning and headed south. We truly did enjoy the Lake Country area of the Okanagan with its beautiful scenery and things to see and do. We must come back here to golf one day! It is definitely a stunning part of the country!

We managed to make very good time getting through Kelowna and West Kelowna which have no shortage of retail, and hence a lot of traffic lights.

The drive down though Peachland and Summerland on Lake Okanagan was beautiful with lots of fruit trees and grape vines everywhere. We had done the drive up in the dark, so it was nice to see the gorgeous vistas everywhere during the daylight hours.

We arrived at our friendly RV dealership in Penticton around 10:30am and stopped in for a chat with the service department. Our hot water was working beautifully this morning after Richard had reset it last night, so we weren’t sure if we needed service or not. After speaking with the service manager we were told if the circuit board was “fried” for the hot water tank we would have no hot water at all, so from his perspective we should carry on, with our journey. He also said that if we did need service down the road, any RV dealership could take care of the hot water issue, not just a Newmar dealership. So with that, we decided to head on down the road.

We originally had planned on visiting Kamloops today and overnighting there but after learning about the steepness of the grade on the Coquihalla pass, and checking the weather forecast (up to 25cm of snow) we make the right decision to drive south instead . I called the campground in Kamloops and advised we would not be coming today and based on the weather forecast I’m sure they understood!

Now where do we stay tonight? There are no Walmarts in sight! and knowing that we wanted to be fresh tomorrow for our mountain pass drive to Hope, B.C., I called up NK’mip Campground in Osoyoos, B.C. to see if they had any availability for the evening. They didn’t respond by the time we arrived around lunch time so Richard went in to the office and arranged for a spot for the night with 30amp service and full hook ups. We met a man from Ottawa who helped Richard back into the RV site. Of course he spoke French to Richard and he is staying for the winter here at the RV park in Osoyoos. He said he loved it here, and we should stay the winter instead of going to Victoria. They get a lot less rain here in Osoyoos, although we won’t be staying long enough to find out.

And yes Osoyoos is the warmest place in Canada all year long surrounded by desert, vineyards and mountains. A really interesting part of Canada and the US border is only a quick 10 minute drive...if it were open!

Lake Osoyoos is a very warm Lake and the RV park is right on the shores of the Lake. I went for a walk while Richard was dealing with arranging for the clean up of our backyard back in Fort Erie (a man with a big machine is coming to move around beach fill next week). The scenery just takes your breath away! I feel like I’m taking photos that I’ve seen advertised for B.C. tourism brochures or websites!

A bad attempt at a selfie with no flash....

When I walked around the RV park I realized that they actually do have cactus here! It doesn’t seem to be bothered by the cold at all.

Now back to doing laundry while we have full hookups! The machine while quite inno active to do washing and drying in the same machine....takes forever!

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