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One things leads to another...

We started off the morning being woken up by one of the other RV owners Harley Davidson motorcycle at 5am. I was able to roll over and go back to sleep, but Richard thinking that motorcycle usually wakes him up at 6:30am, got up to check the time. Of course he had a harder time getting back to sleep, so one thing led to another and he was awake a lot earlier than me today!

With this being our first long term RV camping experience, we have found that a lot of the people living in this RV park have jobs and are either leaving in the morning for work, or are working from home in their RV. We have heard that a lot of the RV campgrounds in the southern U.S.states are full of retired folks like ourselves, and there is more of a ‘community’ feel to the RV park. I guess if the weather was a bit warmer, it would be nicer to sit outside and get to know the neighbours - even in a social distancing manner, like we are following now because of Covid 19.

I guess we’ll have to find out sometime when we have the chance to RV in the U.S.,once the border opens, and we’ve had our vaccines.

On that very note, after dinner last evening we were sitting around in Newman discussing future plans and trying to figure out when we could get to Nova Scotia to have St. Stephen and his camp mates repair Newman’s roof. So much depends on what the Covid 19 restrictions will be in the Atlantic Provinces, once people have had their vaccines. We don’t want to miss golf season this year at Bridgewater Country Club in Fort Erie either, since I had a BIG MISS last year on the golf season with my broken leg. Thinking about travel time to Nova Scotia from Fort Erie, plus if there was a 14 day quarantine, plus travel time back to Ontario, its at least a 3 full weeks we would miss from the season. So a lot of our travel plans depend on what the Atlantic restrictions will be once we’re been vaccinated - which appears to be happening in July for our age group in Ontario.

Then we started talking about other upgrades we would like to make to Newman such as replacing the carpet with some other kind of flooring. We have found that after a full winter with carpet, we wish we could clean it, like we could if we had some other kind of washable flooring.

I’m still not of the mindset to upgrade our RV to another one though. We really like Newman. So I think we’ll keep him around for awhile and just fix him up a bit!

This morning we had to deal with some of the residual financial stuff from working for the Bank for 37.5 years. I had to get on the phone with my Financial advisor at ScotiaMcLeod and we were both on hold for at least 45 minutes waiting for someone to help us deal with the matter at hand. I was almost late for my Osteopathy appointment in Comox today because of being on hold for so long. Its funny how retiring from working, just leads to other kinds of busyness!

Today at the Osteopath she had to work a lot on my neck - on the side I’ve been carrying my camera on when we go for a hike! It seems like there are always consequences from doing something that isn’t natural, like always putting the camera on my left shoulder, so just as I’ve been things leads to another and I had a stiff neck from the extra weight of the camera on my left side. I’m going to be more purposeful on how I carry the camera in the future as we go for hikes and try and keep it off my neck and shoulder as I walk!

After the Osteopath appointment we needed to get to the ScotiaMcLeod office in Comox to sign some paperwork. See what I mean about one thing leading to another?! We had the call this morning, which led to having to complete paperwork to finalize the transactions. It is never really simple. Nope. Our paperwork needed to be witnessed, so of course that meant having to see someone in person who could vouch for who we were. Anyway, before we got to the McLeod office, we decided to stop and have lunch. Why deal with financial paperwork on an empty stomach?!!

We couldn’t find parking downtown Comox, so Richard turned up a side street and didn’t we drive right by a very neat looking spot for lunch! It seems that we are very good at ‘stumbling’ on nice spots to eat!

We really liked the reception desk at the entrance to Church Street Taphouse. The protocols were very good at this restaurant. We were told to read their sign on the protocols and then they were re-I forced by the receptionist as we sat at our table. No mingling with other tables, and please mask up to go to the washroom.

I really loved the design of this restaurant. . I was imagining how nice it would be in the summertime with all of the garage doors wide open! Apparently the bugs are not as bad here in the summertime as back home!

Yes that garage door was open and at. +7C and it felt like spring today! We had wanted a seat on the patio, but they were all taken when we arrived.

Richard with no coat on checking out the nice heaters on the patio when we were leaving. Scotiabank and ScotiaMcLeod are in the distance. We did not have very far to walk to take care of business after lunch.

Patiently waiting for our lunch.

Yes I’m hungry...and I don’t need a haircut!

Grilled B.C. Salmon Richard’s big bowl salad. Delicious!

Pineapple chicken stir fry on rice for me. It was too big to finish, so I brought the rest home.

We were parked in front of St. Peter’s Comox Anglican Church and I was intrigued why there were 5 metal crosses in front of the church with a plaque to identify what these crosses represented. The 5 crosses are actually over a very small cemetery for 5 men who died while in the Royal Navy based in Comox, from 1895-1915.

The men who died in the Royal Navy were very young when they died, ranging in ages from 20-24. It is nice they have a prominent remembrance downtown Comox.

From the balcony of the Scotiabank/ScotiaMcLeod branches shooting out over the Comox Harbour to the Vancouver Island Mountain ranges. A little hazy today, but still a lovely sight to see. There really is nothing better than views of the mountains combined with the sea!

As we were walking back to Jerry, I spotted a shop that I wanted to visit. We had been driving by this shop every time we were in Comox, and finally today since we were walking, so we stopped in for a visit!


Of course we had to go in and see what they were serving today!

I bought 6 Macarons to try. Let’s hope they are as good as the ones I’ve had in Paris!

I tried the ‘birthday cake’ flavour on the far right on the drive home. I’d give it a 7/10. Let’s see how the other favours taste. Richard is not a fan of meringue, so these are all mine to try. Tomorrow is definitely a workout morning in Newman!

We did a few errands in Courtenay on the way home and stopped at the Post Office in Union Bay too. Our wonderful caretaker in Fort Erie, Liz, sent us a parcel of mail. We wondered what was in the parcel?

Thank you Liz! We can definitely count on you to get our stuff to us! And my lulu’s showed up! Yeah...better work out clothes! There is no lululemon up island! There is one in Victoria, but it is not worth the 2.5 hour drive!

We had heard from our golf buddies Ken & Curtis from Qualicum Beach Memorial Golf Club last evening about golfing with them on Saturday and Sunday this weekend. We had agreed to golf with them both days, and then today Ken texted Richard to say the golf course was closed due to frost. Strange they would close the course for frost all day. Later in the day Ken texted Richard to say that a person who works in the pro shop at Qualicum Beach had tested positive for Covid 19, so now the course and restaurant is closed for 72 hours for sanitation. Yikes! That means that now the tee time for Saturday is not going to happen, but we will be golfing with our buddies on Sunday. Since neither Ken or Curtis has been anywhere near the golf course in 3 weeks, we are comfortable golfing with them. You just can’t let your guard down can you? We have never even set foot in the Pro Shop of Qualicum Beach since we’ve been here, since they have it locked. There is a very small slider window which they pass out the debit/credit terminal to pay for golf and the carts. It is probably a good thing they had these strict protocols in place at the club, since the average age of people living in Q. Beach is 68! Yikes...

In speaking with our neighbour Jim (from Fernie, B.C.) tonight Richard determined that the best route home for us in leaving Tsawwasen and the ferry would be to take the Trans Canada Hwy 1 north to Kamloops and then the next day over to Golden, B.C., to arrive in Cranbrook on Easter Saturday. Our new route is less mountainous since it follows the Fraser Valley. Since the R.V. camp in Hope that I reached out to yesterday had no spots available for April 1st, it made it easy to start changing our route home with no RV sites already booked. So after we determined we are going a different way home, I was able to make our first night’s reservation at a Ranch south of Merritt. B.C. The 2nd night I’ve got us booked at a golf course near Golden B.C. And if the weather co-operates we will get to Cranbrook on Easter Saturday! We are feeling much better now about less mountain passes on the drive home! After we leave B.C. we will be doing a lot of Walmart parking lots as there will not be many, if any campgrounds open, but we’re used to BOONDOCKING and since Newman’s Diesel engine is working again courtesy of St. Stephen, we should be just fine with the Walmart parking lots!

And on that note, I’m off to make us a delightful ground beef, cheese focaccia bread pizza!

We bought the focaccia bread yesterday at Tree’s bakery and diner and we had grass fed ground beef in the fridge, so naturally one thing leads to another and pizza it is for our dinner tonight! YUM!

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