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Making memories...

As I start tonight’s blog I’m a bit melancholy. We’ve made so many great memories this winter and its hard to fathom that our winter on the Island is soon coming to a close.

We had a very busy day today! Richard had a text last evening from Abbie, our osteopath that she had a cancellation right before my appointment today. Having Richard make the appointment today meant that I would have to drop Richard in Comox early for his appointment, so I had enough time to get back to Courtenay for my noon session with Paul for strength training. Whew!....Having one car is challenging sometimes, but we’ve been able to make it work. I am very pleased with the progress Richard has made with Abbie on his sciatica and piriformis issues. The exercises she has given him almost have him touching his toes! Touching his toes is something he has not been able to do in quite some fact its probably a distant memory for him!

Today’s session with Paul was gruelling but not as bad as Monday. I think now that I know that I’m going to be doing Bulgarian split squats, I’m prepared for them mentally!

Paul said today that he has worked with a lot of athletes over the years who had to come back from injury, and he’s never seen anyone come along as far as I have in the short time we’ve had working together. He says I truly am ‘Wonder Woman!’ That made me pretty happy to hear that. Now its about sustaining it, which is what I’ve got to keep working on. I’ve got one more session of torture with Paul and then it will be maintainance mode for me.

Richard went to get us sushi from our favourite sushi spot in Comox while I was in with Abbie for my osteopathy appointment.

My veggie sushi was delicious as always from Sushi Kobo.

I’m not sure what Richard had but I know it had shrimp in it. I can’t quite figure out what the green stuff is on top of his sushi, but he enjoyed it still.

We ate at Rotary Park at the Comox marina today. It was +10C and the sun was shining. Richard wanted to come home after lunch and I said let’s go for a walk around the Comox Fisherman’s Wharf. We had never walked around the wharf before. Time to make a new memory!

A stunning day in Comox today with not a cloud in the sky!

As we walked down the gangway onto the docks, this was the first ship we came to, an old fashioned fishing boat.

I liked the colours on this fishing boat and the reflection in the water

Blackfin Pub, Comox (which we really enjoyed) is over Richard’s shoulder in the middle of the photo.

I was trying to capture the next two photos when I was caught taking this shot by Richard.

Weights or ‘sinkers’

Fishing lines.

Jellyfish...there were tons of these translucent jelly fish in the water. It was hard to capture them, but they were very neat to watch.

Tons of jelly fish everywhere in a different part of the harbour.

After visiting the Comox Fisherman’s Wharf I said we should go one last time to Goose Spit Park. Goose Spit was one of the first places we ever had a picnic lunch when we arrived on the Island. In December we sat on a picnic bench looking at the mountains and ate our lunch. Great memories!

At the end of Goose Spit looking at the Vancouver Island Ranges.

From Goose Spit looking at the Coast Mountains on the B.C. mainland

Coast Mountains from Goose Spit.

After visiting Comox we headed home to Fanny Bay. It’s amazing how the day passes by so quickly when we’re just meandering along enjoying the day outside! We stopped by the Post Office in Union Bay and sure enough I had mail!

A little birthday present from Miss Heather! Thank you so much for the beautiful card!

YUMMY! My favourite! Dark chocolate and cherries together!

When Richard got home our neighbour Jim said ”Fire tonight?” The boys ended up outside by the fire again telling stories and talking about golf. Jim and his wife Daniele are going to play golf tomorrow and Ken had just played Morningstar in Parksville today. Everyone is interested in our round tomorrow at Pheasant Glen in Qualicum Beach since no one in our RV park has played this golf course yet. We have heard Pheasant Glen is a real true championship golf course thought having hosted last year’s Canadian Men’s Senior Amateur Championship. The weather looks perfect at +11C and we are excited to try another new golf course on the Island!

Now getting back to making memories....

If you read the blog yesterday you will know that the title of the blog post was ‘What will your bench say?’ Making memories is something that we do throughout a lifetime, but how can they be preserved for other people who might sit on your bench but not know you, if you happen to have a bench dedicated to you, after you’ve gone? Well funny you should ask, because coincidentally today Ron Porter (who I worked with at Scotiabank for 13 years) shared with me the following story today.

“Our friend Carolyn passed away unexpectedly last year on this date - March 25, 2020. Today we visited her bench at the Royal Botanical Gardens with her husband, kids and grandkids. Tom & Carolyn met in kindergarten. You can see the plaque tributes on the bench, but Carolyn’s bench is special as it has a QR code, so you can actually see who Carolyn was. This was a 5 month project for Tom with a small company out of England and a Burlington graphic designer who was tech savvy”

Lovely tributes and something from Carolyn to people who sit on her bench. Remember? What will your bench say?

A lovely tribute to Tom’s wife Carolyn. He has called the project to remember his wife ‘Dear Carolyn’.

And this is the QR code on Carolyn’s bench! If you scan the code you can see videos of Carolyn, photos, and tributes from her husband and 2 daughters. What a fantastic idea to remember someone by and also so future generations will know who Carolyn Perry was!

So while today I was feeling melancholy writing this blog, I know the memories we’ve made on this trip to Vancouver Island with Newman and Jerry will be with us for a lifetime. We’ve documented our memories very well with photos, written about them in the blog and we won’t forget the time we’ve had this winter of 2020 on the Island in the pandemic.

I would be remiss too today if I didn’t mention St. Stephen and Karen. They had to put down their special dog ’Buddy’ last evening in Calgary. They’ve had him 16 years and what a lot of memories they’ve made over the years with Buddy. I’m sure they will cherish those memories of Buddy as they continue their long drive home to Nova Scotia without him. What a tough trip without their little Buddy.

RIP will be missed.

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