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Like father, like son!

On another rainy day what do we do if we can’t play golf? We watch golf! I’m really enjoying watching Tiger and his son Charlie Woods playing in the PNC Father/Son tournament in Orlando. It’s amazing to see 11 year old Charlie with the same swing, putting stroke and demeanour as his famous dad. The kid may have a future in golf!

Richard was up early this morning before the rain started again, to try and figure out where the roof was leaking. We don’t have a tall enough ladder to reach the side of the RV where we think the roof is leaking (other than the one on the back of the RV, which Richard doesn’t like to use), so he needed to wait for our neighbour Steve, to borrow the ladder. Steve jumped up on the roof and sealed up where he saw some minute cracks and said he believes we need a new roof! There are “soft” spots on the roof and that is a clear indication that the plywood in the roof is probably soft and needs replacing. Not the news we were wanting to hear today, given a new roof at the Newmar factory in Indiana is $16,000U.S. OUCH! More to come on this one...

We had to wait around today anyway in the rain, for the propane truck to deliver propane directly to Newman. We had missed the last delivery and because we were running low, had to take Newman down the road for a fill up, at the Esso station in Bowser. We’re trying not to use too much electricity for heating, and instead use our propane, which is less expensive. Unfortunately it means really being miserly with the propane and we’re trying to figure out the right balance of heating Newman and conserving our propane. We will probably have to drive down to Bowser again, the next time we need propane instead of getting a delivery.

Propane truck

Benny the propane guy!

What else should we do on another really rainy day, but go to town! This was not a day for a hike or any outdoor activities!

Our neighbour Jim, had told us that he uses an Apple adaptor for his MacBook, which he then displays on his tv through a HDMI cable. Since we left home, we’ve been able to watch Netflix, Amazon Prime and any News apps using our Amazon Firestick, but we have not been able to access all the channels on Bell Fibe, unless we watch it on the Bell Fibe App on my ipad. So in the pouring rain we drove up to Staples in Courtenay to get an Apple adaptor and the HDMI cable to try to display channels from Bell on our tv. Of course, when we got back to Newman, didn’t we have the wrong Apple adaptor? GRRR. Some days are so frustrating!! Richard drove all the way back to Courtenay to exchange the adaptor, while I thought I would try out our oven and make some homemade peanut butter cookies. Comfort food! I promised Richard I would have a martini waiting for him when he got back!

And now that Richard is back, we tryed the adaptor out, the Bell Fibe apps tells us that we have to be connected to our Bell wifi for the picture to display. Of course we are on the wifi at the RV park and not on our Bell wifi back home. What a frustrating day! We’ll have to take everything back to Staples for a refund on Monday.

Tomorrow is supposed to be +8C tomorrow for our golf game. Thank god the course we are playing drains well, after the last two days of torrential rain!

And the other frustrating thing today is that Charlie Woods hits his 5 wood longer than I do and he’s 11!!!!

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