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Newman’s roof didn’t leak! Woohoo! We were really worried about potential leaking but I think the copious amounts of Dicor Lap roof sealant that Richard used on Newman’s roof before we left home helped to withstand this crazy rain storm we’ve had all of last night today. Thank god! And the flash flood warning for the roads was over by this morning too so we could go and explore on a really nasty, rainy day.

It seems that a lot of things close on Monday’s around here. We had wanted to go to the town of Cumberland today, but we saw online that a lot of things didn’t open until Tuesday, so we thought we would head up the Trans Canada to Campbell River instead. A quick 40 minute, pretty boring drive later, we were in Campbell River.

I had bought Richard a 3 in 1 Eddie Bauer water proof coat, with a down liner for his birthday in August. The coat has a hood, but Richard saw our RV neighbour Jim had a goretex rain hat and he thought he should get one too instead of wearing a “hoodie” as he calls it. We headed to River Sportsman Outoutdoor store in Campbell River to see if we could find him a waterproof hat.

I think this goretex hat will work perfectly! It’s guaranteed for life too whatever that means. While there, I also got a pair of fully waterproof gloves with a neoprene inner liner, like two sets of gloves, with one going inside the other one. I need something for when we are hiking and its raining. No point trying to wear wool gloves in the rain!

We drove to downtown Campbell River to take a walk down the historic Pier Street. The first commercial wharf in Campbell River was located along Pier Street and from the waterfront of Discovery Passage we could see over to Quadra Island. Pier Street has a Sunday farmer’s market which is very busy in the summer months too but today it was very grey, cold with driving rain. We had to forget about trying to use an umbrella as it was going to turn inside out with the wind.

Harbour off Pier Street, Campbell River.

Totem pole in Robert V. Ostler Park, Campbell River. Quadra Island just across the harbour is reached by B.C. Ferries in a 10 minute ride.

Fisherman heading out into Discovery Passage in Campbell River with Quadra Island in the background.

We were getting drenched walking along Pier Street and Richard happened to see a used book store where he could buy a couple of “tomes” to read. Richard is old school and still likes to have a physical book in his hands! I’ve read 35 books this year with most of them being online from the library. There is no right here, just that Richard needed some books, so we headed in to see what they had. He ended up with 2 big tomes to read. Historical fiction - his favourite. We had to put on disposable gloves when entering and wear a mask which we thought was a very good Covid protocol.

I think these books will last Richard for the next 4 months!

We were getting pretty “hangry” as we hadn’t had lunch, and we were also getting pretty wet and cold walking around downtown Campbell River after visiting the book store. There really wasn’t much going on downtown either, until we stumbled upon a Vietnamese restaurant serving Pho! Perfect! Honey Lemon Grill had excellent chicken noodle and chicken dumpling pho for lunch to warm us up! Normally this time of year we would be in Florida or heading to Florida and we like to frequent a little spot in Lakeside Village, in Lakeland called Saigon where they have the best Vietnamese food. Since Saigon in Lakeland is not possible this year, we’ll have to make do with what we can find here!

We saw the coolest old Studebaker car out on this rainy day. We couldn’t believe someone would take such a nice car out on a rainy day.

We think this is a 1956 Studebaker...having worked for 20 years in Automotive Finance I’m a bit of a car geek...and Richard shares that passion too!

On the drive home we took the Coastal Highway, which was a lot more interesting than the Trans Canada Highway. We decided to stop into Storey Creek Golf Club about 14 km south of Campbell River to check out the situation with tee times, since its not the easiest thing to get, with everyone staying in Canada for the winter.

Storey Creek Golf Club was rated 4.5/5 by Golf Digest in 2009 as Best Places to Play in North America. The course is widely publicized as a “course in nature”. Black bears and cougars can occasionally be seen on the course as well...(I think we’ll take a cart on this one!).

As Richard went into the pro shop to meet the Head Pro and get the rates, etc into the parking lot, in the pouring rain comes an avid, or crazy golfer about to go out for his round! There were no other cars in the parking lot, so he will definitely have the course to himself!

Today was the renewal date for the B.C. Public health guidelines. Dr Bonnie Henry announced that the severely limiting social interactions have been extended until January 8th. B.C. Is limiting people to only socialize with members of their own household including indoors and outdoors.... So that means Richard and I will be alone in Fanny Bay for Christmas. We’re taking FaceTime/Zoom/Skype appointments now for Christmas Day! Please contact my social secretary Richard Hotte to arrange! We’d love to hear from all of family and friends!

Home alone in Fanny Bay!

We haven’t got our Charlie Brown tree yet this year.

2020 is like the Grinch who stole Christmas! DARN COVID!

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Dec 08, 2020

Ruth really enjoy reading your blog and looking at the pictures. You have a knack for writing....keep it up. And have fun!


Dec 08, 2020

Hopefully Richard has read the first two Clavell novels first.. Shogun and Tai-pan. Excellent novels as well. Hope you enjoy the west coast and the rain. Your comments remind me of St. John's.

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