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Finally! Newman’s got a new lid!!!

It has been awhile since I blogged about our adventures with Newman but its time to start again! There has been a lot going on since I last wrote about him.

We knew that Newman needed a new roof after the winter we spent in rainy Fanny Bay and St. Stephen has come to the rescue yet again! Richard left our home in Fort Erie on Sunday September 12th with Newman and Jerry to drive to Nova Scotia. He made great time on his drive, arriving in Debert, Nova Scotia (at Camp Evangeline) around dinner time, after 2 long days of driving.

Richard spent the night in a campsite at Camp Evangeline and the next morning Newman just barely made it through the doors of the ‘tabernacle’ Quonset hut where Newman was prepared for major surgery!

Newman’s roof being opened up. That plywood was so wet and old.

Its obvious the wood had been exposed to a lot of water over the years. No wonder the roof was leaking!

Almost all cleaned up.

The old roof material filled up the truck. Off to the dump it goes!

Richard is definitely learning a lot about how Newman’s inner workings work!

Richard doing the sanitizing on the roof after having vacuumed it all clean. Richard hates heights too!

Nice new fresh and clean insulation installed on Newman’s roof.

Beautiful ‘cabinet grade’ plywood installed on Newman’s roof.

The rubber membrane is going on the roof to seal everything underneath.

St. Stephen needs a steady hand to caulk the roof with dicor.

While the dicor was drying on the roof, St. Stephen decided to convert the light fixture in our bedroom to a LED light, which uses less energy and will be brighter.

St. Stephen just knows what to do!

The roof is finished!

All sealed up tight with fresh dicor. The problem for us was the previous owners didn’t maintain the roof regularly with dicor each year. It is something that has to be done to preserve the integrity of the rubber roof where it has been cut to install fixtures on the roof.

A new fan cover, so when it rains our fantastic fans will still work and not automatically close. Notice all of the beads of dicor caulking on the roof and on each of the screws. This roof will never leak again!

When the roof leaked, it damaged the headliner over Richard’s seat. So St. Stephen decided to take out the old headliner and clean this area all up so it looks like new.

St. Stephen cutting out a new headliner for the inside of Newman over the driver’s area.

While Richard has been in Nova Scotia he’s been enjoying some of the local fare from the restaurants close by in town, and of course St. Stephen’s cooking too and some baking from the residents of the campground.

Chower! At Angel’s Diner in Debert. Angel stayed open during Covid closures to make sure the truckers had a meal. The diner is attached to the Petro Pass Truck stop in town Richard sure does love a good spoon! No pun intended.

Fish and chips anyone?

A meal of HASH!

St. Stephen’s deep fried chicken! Fixings courtesy of St. Stephen’s neighbours.

Lobster poutine courtesy of St. Stephen! Richard is going to be gaining weight with all this hearty down East food!

Hopefully Richard will be on his way home to Fort Erie soon because we have to get Newman prepared for his next journey!

We are leaving on October 14th for……FANNY BAY, Vancouver Island, B.C.! We decided to go back to our favourite spot at Lighthouse RV Park and Matt, the park owner has held our spot for us. With the U.S./Canadian border still closed to Canadians we have decided to drive out West again. I’m in the process of planning our route out West and I‘m using RV Trip Wizard software program to plan our route.

From the image above you can see our daily travel times. We will have some long days ahead of us, but we want to get to B.C. before any really nasty weather. Last year we left it a bit late leaving on November 3rd to make our way out West. We also did not know what we were doing and ended up not driving as long as we needed to each day, to get ahead of the bad weather that we ended up hitting in Swift Current, Saskatchewan. We’ll get some quality time with our grandson Owen in Cranbrook for 4 days before heading over to the Okanagan for 3 days. Then we head to Tsawwasen for a brief night after which, we’ve got our ferry booked to the Island for Wednesday October 27th. We will spend 5 nights in Peddar Bay RV resort near Victoria so we can see my son Josh and his girlfriend Alicia, before we make our way to Fanny Bay on November 1st. We are excited to be heading back out West. We are not sure how long we will stay on the Island, given know one knows when the border will open, but we can’t wait to visit our old ‘haunts’ as well as find some new ones, arriving a full month earlier with some better weather before winter sets in!

We’re very thankful we met St. Stephen and Karen last winter in Fanny Bay. We can’t convince them though to come back to the Island unfortunately. We may see them in Florida if that border opens and we feel safe and adventurous to drive across the country. In the meantime, Newman’s new roof looks amazing! What a transformation inside and outside. We’re so happy to be upgrading Newman. When Richard gets home we have a steam cleaning company coming to steam clean all carpets, fabric surfaces, couches and the banquette. It will be nice to head out on our trip out West in a spiffy clean Newman!

I was so surprised to find out that Richard got a head start on his drive home today. He left Debert in the late afternoon and is spending the night at the Irving Truck stop in Salisbury, New Brunswick. He is hoping to be home by Monday evening.

The new roof is already getting a workout, as it is raining in New Brunswick.

Newman and Jerry are a team again!

Safe travels Richard and bring Newman and Jerry home safely!

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