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Exploring…that’s what we like to do!

Last night we had the absolute best pizza from Glenrosa Farms, just up the road from us in Peddar Bay RV Resort & Marina. The owner has lived in the home for 40 years and the town of Metchosin will not let them operate as a restaurant any longer, so they have resorted to making pizzas on Friday and Saturday evenings. Richard picked up our delicious pizzas at 6:25pm on the dot. They must have a loyal following as there was a car in front of him and one behind him too!

Richard’s pizza. There was hot honey drizzled over the meat. What a delicious spicy/sweet combo!

The ham on my pizza was spicy and combined with the tangy pineapple was absolutely delicious! Wood fired oven baked, these pizzas were thin crust, well done, just the way we love them! I had leftovers…Richard did not!

This morning we thought we would have a lazy Sunday morning of watching CBS Sunday Morning, so at 9am we turned on our tv to find out that CBS Sunday Morning on the West Coast is at a 7am! Well that was a bit too early for us, so we had the football game on from Buffalo, while I baked banana chocolate chip loaf and worked out on my cycle trainer followed by a workout in Newman.

A very heavy loaf of banana, chocolate chip, nut loaf for Josh and Alicia when we see them later today!

While we were getting ready to go out this morning this story came up on our news feed about the weather on the Coquihalla! Apparently there was a huge accident on the Coquihalla on Friday - 3 days after we got through that area of B.C.

We drove through this area on the Coquihalla on the 26th of October and there was NO snow on the ground at the time. I would say our timing to travel this stretch of highway was perfect! Yeesh, sometimes we do get lucky with the weather and this trip has been especially good for us weather wise.

We understand Alberta is also experiencing snow today, so it really is good that we left 19 days earlier than last year to get across Canada before the bad weather came!

Snow in the area of Alberta we would have needed to cross through, to get to B.C.!

We had some errands to run today in Langford where there is every ‘big box’ store imaginable. Richard needed to do some printing at Staples and we needed to visit a Dollarama to get our septic safe toilet paper. I found a Winners/Homesense too, so that was also worth a visit to see what I could find!

Knowing that once we go ‘up Island’ tomorrow, the shopping choices are a lot fewer, we made sure we did what we needed to do today.

We had never properly explored South Oak Bay on foot, so today we decided that on a nice sunny +13C day, a walk around Oak Bay would be nice thing to do.

Mount Baker, Washington State, from Willows Beach, Oak Bay. Willows Beach has a tea-room run by the Kiwanis Club in the spring and summer which takes its name from the Willows Fairground which was built in 1891 and which was Greater Victoria’s main horse-racing venue during the early years of the twentieth century. The Willows Racetrack was situated inland, nearly 1 km from the beach. There were many people out walking the beach and we even saw one man go in for a swim!

Walkers on the beach promenade today at Willows Beach.

If you look closely you can see the guy’s head who just went in for a dip today. I understand the water temperature was 10.8C today. I’m not sure who in their right mind would want to swim in water that cold?!!! The Oak Bay Marina is in the background in this photo.

The Kiwanis tea Room was unfortunately closed today so we decided to walk up to Oak Bay Village instead and find a spot to grab a light lunch on a patio.

Mount Baker in the background. Such a beautiful day for a walk!

We found a lovely pub with patio heaters called the “Penny Farthing’ downtown Oak Bay Village and the pub was on the sunny side of the street, so we had to stop!

Richard found an amazing California Chardonnay to try called ‘Treana’ by Hope Family Wines from Paso Robles. He liked it so much he had our server bring him the bottle so he could scan the label into his ‘Vivino’ app for future reference!

A hearty summer salad to share.

A delicious hearty mushroom soup to share!

The food at Penny Farthing was really delicious and just what we wanted since we knew we were meeting Josh & Alicia for an early dinner later today.

Sitting in Oak Bay watching the world go by! Oak Bay is its own municipality which was incorporated in 1906. It is one of 13 member municipalities of the Capital Regional District and is bordered to the east by the city of Victoria, and to the north by the district of Saanich. Oak Bay takes its name from the Garry oak tree which is found throughout the region and also is the name of the large bay on the eastern shore of the municipality which fronts onto Willows Beach (where we had parked Kramer the Kona). The Victoria Golf Club is located in South Oak Bay and it is the 2nd oldest golf course west of the Great Lakes. It is often referred to as ‘Pebble Beach North’. We would love to play the golf course one day, but it is very, very private and we don’t know any members there!

Even the planters say Oak Bay!

We were surprised by how much we walked around Oak Bay today when we looked at our step count at the end of the day. Most of the stores were closed on Sunday, which is rather charming in a small town kind of way. We even saw some of the stores that were closed, changing their windows over from Hallowe’en to Christmas decor! Wow! That’s rushing it a bit, but I guess that’s what happens in retail!

We walked back to Kramer the Kona parked at Willows Beach and even found a short cut path through a trail to get back to the car. We decided to drive the scenic Beach Drive/Dallas Road, to get to downtown Victoria to meet Josh and Alicia for dinner at ‘Baan Thai’. We quite like this Thai food restaurant which has great food and is located with good parking on Blanshard Street, downtown Victoria. This was our third time visiting Baan Thai!

Pad Thai for Richard and Josh.

Cashew Chicken and vegetables with coconut milk rice for me.

Red Thai curry with coconut milk rice for Alicia. I had never had the coconut milk rice before and was it ever delicious! I will never order plain rice again in a Thai food restaurant if they have coconut milk rice. It is that good!

We gave Josh and Alicia a ride home after we had dinner and they did some more printing for Richard, which he couldn’t get done at Staples. We headed home to Peddar Bay for our last evening in Victoria. Tomorrow we head ‘up Island’ to Fanny Bay where we will have the same spot we did last year for the winter, directly on the water in front of the little fishing harbour. I wonder who our neighbours will be this year? We will miss St. Stephen and Karen and Jim from Fernie,, B.C. and his wife Danielle. Hopefully we will have nice, quiet neighbours!

We have really enjoyed spending time in Peddar Bay once again and exploring the area around Victoria some more, but we really want to get ourselves settled and also get Jerry repaired. We know there is still lots more to explore ‘up Island’ and that we will not be bored with our time on the North Island in the Comox Valley.

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