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Drip, Drip, Drip....

It’s raining again! We woke up to a steady rain and sure enough, Newman’s roof is leaking !!!

The water is a dirty colour because of the insulation that its running through - from the roof, to the light fixture, and finally to the paper towels in the bucket. We thought we had it fixed the other day, when Steve, our neighbour went up on the roof and sealed it with Dicor roof sealant. So today after more discussion with Steve, he suggested we get an “air conditioning unit seal” and he will help Richard install it on Wednesday when he has time. The roof is leaking around where the air conditioning unit is on the roof and since Newman is 15 years old, the leak is most probably being caused by the age of the seal around the A/C unit.

Richard called Sunwest RV Centre in Courtenay to see if they had the part we needed and sure enough they did! They even gave us a discount for paying cash. The ”seal” was only $27 so let’s hope this works and we can get rid of the bucket in the living room, and get rid of the stress every time it rains, worrying how much water is coming in through the roof!

We were heading to Courtenay anyway today so I could see my strength and rehab coach and I showed up for our session, but he didn’t. Frustrating! Anyway, we needed to go to Courtenay for groceries and the RV part, so the trip wasn’t wasted.

We bought the Google Chromecast today, returning our Apple devices, to see if our Bell Fibe TV would ”cast” to the Chromecast. After 3 times trying to install the Chromecast, and finally getting it updated and installed, the Bell Fibe will not “cast” to the TV. Richard is on the phone now with Bell over this situation, but it appears that unless we have a Bell wifi connection, we will not be able to resolve this situation. So next time we’re in Courtenay, we will return the Chromecast to Staples. It seems we are on a first name basis with Sharon, the Manager of Staples in Courtenay.

Being the shortest day of the year today, and with rain falling until 3pm, we were happy to finally see the sun, even if was only for a brief hour. As soon as the sun came out I said to Richard I had to get out of Newman. I was going stir crazy with the rain, no workout and no sun!

We walked to the end of the point and our neighbour Jim from Fernie, B.C. came out to chat with us. He’s a really active guy and had lived on Vancouver Island before, so he’s got great suggestions on where we can go for hikes and day trips.

As the sun was going down over the mountains, the fog started to roll in over Fanny Bay. This is the first time I’ve actually walked down to the rocky, slippery beach to try and take some photos.

Just as we were walking down the beach, the oyster fisherman came in for the night from their oyster farm. It was +3C today, with rain most of the day. Hard working bunch!

Oyster fishermen in Fanny Bay.

The sun was still shining onthe marina in Deep Bay when I took this shot. So many different colours of blue!

After going in for what I thought was the night, Richard called to me, and said, “look at the sky!”. I had to get dressed to go outside again as the sky was so beautiful I couldn’t miss this stunning “Blue Hour!”

Fanny Bay, Blue Hour, December 21, 2020

A bit later in Blue Hour than the shot above.

I love the reflection of the sky in the water and the purple colours in this photo!

Sun streamers off the Vancouver Island Ranges.

After a frustrating 3 person transfer with Bell, it appears that we cannot ”cast” Bell Fibe to our tv unless we also pay for a Bell wifi package, which we are not prepared to do as our phones are with Rogers, and so is the wifi for Newman. It sure isn’t easy in Canada to manage phone, wifi and tv conveniently. So we will have to watch anything on Bell Fibe, on my ipad and use the Amazon Fire stick for Netflix and Amazon Prime on the TV. I know its a first world problem, but its one we’ve been struggling to solve since we left home November 3rd.

Getting cold here overnight. Going down to -2C. Golf is on our agenda tomorrow, so let’s hope it warms up a bit!

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