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Don’t you just love it?

Days 133, 134/138. 2022/2023 Viking Neptune World Cruise. 2 sea days

So what do you do when you’re close to leaving the cruise and want to see all of your friends you’ve made over the past 133 days at the same time? Why you throw a balcony cocktail party with your neighbours of course! Mike and Sharon our Canadian neighbours, who are the first people we met on the ship, and who live the closest to us in Canada, are our balcony neighbours. We figured out early on in the cruise how to open the locked balcony door between us, so that doubled the amount of space we had to throw the cocktail party. Richard organized the food that Sharon wanted, with Kasper the Food and Beverage Manager and then Richard sent out invites and so did Sharon. We told people to bring anything that they had in their cabin that they wanted to get rid of and everyone obliged whether it was food or booze that they brought.

We had nacho chips and salsa leftover in our cabin and I had purchased Portuguese custard tarts from Duty Free in Lisbon the day before. When I had bought the tarts, they were fresh and warm. All of the tarts got eaten, because everyone loved them!

Sharon and Richard mugging for the camera.

“Da Girls!” Me, Linda and Julie hanging out on our balcony.

Mike (our neighbour) and Margaret.

Gene and Lyle deep in conversation.

Sharon (our neighbour) and Donna

Larry and Cindy our friends from Kansas City.

Now there’s trouble. Gene, Richard and Lyle!

What a fun few hours we had with our friends. We ordered way too much food unfortunately, but it was nice to hang out, and we had the perfect day for it on the Atlantic Ocean, on the way to France. We were hoping to do this party when we were still on the Mediterranean, but we got lucky with our weather and it was perfect.

Day 134/138. Our last sea day.

It is hard to believe that today was our last sea day! We have had so many sea days over the entire World Cruise and initially I was worried I would be bored during sea days, but after being on the ship and out on excursions, I craved the sea days to relax, get caught up on blogs, to go to trivia, the gym and art classes. I’ve enjoyed all of these sea day activities so much even if we never won the daytime trivia, and only won a few times at Cruise Director Bruce’s Brain Busters in the evening at 8pm.

Our last Art Show was being held today in the Wintergarden from noon to 2pm and it was nice to see all of the artwork that the talented women and a few men did from Singapore to Lisbon.

Lots of interest in seeing the artwork by fellow passengers and spouses.

Wonderful works by my fellow artists. The piece on the bottom that has matting on it is by our teacher Christine Newton.

My paintings from Singapore to Lisbon. I think I have some paintings that have inspired me after this art show! There is a lot of art to love and that’s why I titled this blog “Don’t you just love it?”

Its very busy right now so I hope I can work on more blogs while we are still on the cruise, but I am not sure about that, so if I do not get any more blogs finished about the trip I promise I will finish up the trip and blogs on the flight home.

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