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Copious, violent, teeming, rapid, relentless, severe, heavy......

......AND TORRENTIAL!!! Don’t you love how many synonyms there are for lots and lots and lots of rain?!!

This morning we woke up to Newman being shaken and stirred around with the wind and the rain!

While still lying in bed, I rolled over and asked Richard “do we need to bring the slides in?” I was concerned the slide toppers would get ripped to shreds with the heavy winds. He told me the toppers would be fine. We had the previous owner install them the day Richard picked Newman up. The toppers are very “taut” or “taunt” as he likes to call them! I always kid Richard about with his pronunciation of words in English. He grew up in Quebec and sometimes he makes ‘boo boos’ with the pronunciation of certain obscure English words. Another example of an expression he has used is “One fowl swoop”. I asked him did he mean “One fell swoop?” We chuckle when I sometimes have to correct his english grammar, but I am usually doubled over with laughter, with the things he comes out with. Isn’t it good to be able to laugh??

This morning we were not laughing though; not when we saw what Newman was up to!

The rain was leaking again through the light fixture, under the air conditioning seal that Steve and Richard had replaced.

And with a forecast like this...we better figure out how to stop the roof from leaking!

Our neighbour Jim and his wife texted Richard that they were going to Costco today to buy “gum boots” because of the swamp we are living in. Richard thought he was kidding. Jim actually returned from Costco with a pair of gum boots! “Gum” or Wellington boots were originally a type of leather boots adapted from Hessian boots, a style of military riding boot. They were worn and popularized by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. The ”Wellington” boot became a staple of practical foot wear for the British aristocracy and middle class in the early 19th century. The name was subsequently given to waterproof boots made of rubber and now anyone can wear them...I think Richard needs a pair frankly...maybe we will have to make a trip up to Costco!

We now have a lake instead of a road behind us. I think Newman and Jerry both need to take swimming lessons!

And guess what? We have the ‘King Tides’ coming soon! ’King Tide’ is a colloquial term for the highest of tides. These kinds of tides happen due to extra gravitational forces on Earth’s oceans that are produced by specific alignments of the sun and the moon. The King Tide is scheduled for January 12th, 2021. We will definitely make sure we are not storing anything under Newman when the King Tides come.

We lost all of our beachhead this morning as the water level in Fanny Bay was encroaching on the boat launch area. Today’s high tide was the highest we had seen the water levels at the front of Newman, since we arrived at Lighthouse RV park on December 1st, 2020.

The water level is getting very high and we aren’t in King Tide time yet. Me and my poor new camera got drenched taking these shots and hence the water on the lens.

Why not go outside in “jambos?” Everything is going to get wet anyway!!

Richard has been in contact with Steve regarding the leaking roof and he will come back to help us. “St. Steve“ to the rescue! But there will be no working on the roof in the wind!

Our neighbour Jim made the suggestion to Richard to “unlevel” Newman to help stop the roof leaking. When we are parked in Newman, we take him off his wheels and use our levelling jacks, to make the RV level. Since the water on the roof seem to be pooling on the A/C unit, Richard has now sloped Newman more to the right and away from the head of our bed. I think when we finally get out of Newman, when the weather clears up today, we will be like people who have been on a cruise ship too long, who walk compensating for the rocking ship on the ocean! Or maybe we will just start doing the Monty Python Silly Walks when we leave Newman!

Richard levelling Newman. He has a “cheat sheet” he follows to make sure he gets it right every time! So much to know when you own an RV!!

Now the roof is NOT leaking!

Making sure we have dried up the ceiling in Newman.

Richard using my Dyson hair dryer to thoroughly dry out the ceiling.

And it seems Jim’s suggestion to tilt Newman has saved the day!

So what else do we do on a dreary, rainy day?!

We have a big workout for 1.5 hours and then we cook!

Shallots, carrots and peas as the base, with worstershire sauce, bullion, and ground beef to be added.

Comfort food! Shepherd’s pie, but not made the Quebecois way, with creamed corn. Richard calls it “pate chinois” but his version includes creamed corn, and I prefer mine with peas and carrots.

I also made Rice Kristine squares.

Mmmmm good! When I had my broken femur I craved these most days. I’m really not sure why?

And now for lunch....grilled cheese sandwiches with pickles!

All the comfort food groups in one day!

Last night I spent quite a bit of time watching You Tube videos on the operation of my new camera. I find that I learn better if I can follow along with someone who is showing me how the camera works. After I have watched the video, I then read the manual and retain the information better. There is a lot to learn! I only got 32 minutes into a 2 hour You Tube video, but I’m feeling pretty good about getting the camera off the “Automatic” setting. Fuji definitely has a much different operating system than Canon does! Tonight I will try and watch the rest of the video. I’ve got nothing but time now that I’m retired right?

It would appear that the rain has settled into a nice easy drip, instead of a torrent, so I do believe we will get out after all for a hike today. It pleases me greatly after two days being inside Newman to finally get out for a hike!

We’re hoping to go to Qualicum Beach to the Heritage Forest today. I can’t wait to see the ’old growth’ 700-800 year old trees!

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