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Catchy name for rain!

Wow! How does the day pass by so quickly? I was warned this would happen in retirement but I really didn’t believe it until now! I even got up with an alarm clock this morning so I could have a FaceTime chat with a colleague back in Toronto at 8am PST, Busy days make the days go by fast!

Today was my second session with my strength training coach in Courtenay. Paul is really helping me to get the strength back in my leg so I don’t limp. As soon as my strength training appointment was over, we had to be in downtown Comox for his partner, Abby - my osteopath, 15 minutes later. We made it just in time and while I had my therapy session, Richard got a pedicure! Now I’m aching all over from both practictioners!

After getting some groceries at Your Independent Grocer in Comox, we headed back for lunch to a little spot we had seen between Comox and Courtenay. Delicado’s!

When you see a parrot on a guy’s food stand you have to think its a good place to stop!

Richard wanted the Thai roll up but they were out of it today, so he had the Californian with chicken and I had a half Southwest.

As we were waiting for our lunch I decided to walk down to the picnic area and shoot some photos of our lunchtime view. Just as I turned around from taking some mountain shots, I was able to catch this Great Blue Heron in flight. The shades of blue in this photo were so beautiful with the sun streaming in from behind me. It really is a beautiful place to live!

Great Blue Heron on Comox Bay

Stand up paddle boarder hanging out on Comox Bay. Imagine paddle boarding in December with water that’s as calm as glass!

View of Royston across Comox Bay and the Vancouver Island Ranges, formerly called the Vancouver Island Mountains.

Not only was the roll up amazing, but the weather and the view was fantastic!! Imagine a picnic in December on a sunny day at +8C and we were warm sitting out in the sun!

Two hands to hold that hot roll up!

Freshly made with steam coming off the roll up!

Of course Richard started chatting with the owner and he detected an accent. He asked where the owner was from, and it turns out he was from New Zealand originally, but as he says now “he has no reason to go back”. He was going back for funerals and weddings, but now he’s quite happy to run his food stand between Courtenay and Comox. Lunch was $16 and we really enjoyed how fresh it was!

Next stop, the Post Office in Union Bay to see if we had gotten any mail. Its been 2 weeks since we arrived and we were really getting worried our mail wouldn’t find us here!

We finally got some mail today! An Amazon package and 3 Christmas cards. Thank you J&P, A&J and a card from my boss too!

On the menu for dinner this evening is fresh pan seared halibut in a lemon, butter, caper sauce with Chardonnay, on the BBQ, in a cast iron skillet. So our next stop was to pick up the halibut.

The halibut was $20 for a piece that will do both of us and the service was great! As Richard was patiently waiting outside, the sales person sticks their head out the window and asks what they can get going for you, as they only allow one person in the store at a time. What great service not to make people wait for too long!

I thought this was interesting how they wote on the oysters what they were so before you order, you know what you’re getting. The sign on the wall also said that if you wanted Kusshi oysters for Christmas you need to pre-order now. Wondering what was so special about Kusshi oysters, I thought I would check that out. Apparently Kusshi oysters are in limited supply, command a premium price and are an exquisite delicacy. The proprietary practices of the Kusshi oyster farm, which have been passed down through the generations, make Kusshi oyster shells beautifully smooth and easy to open. The perfect shell surrounds copious amounts of nectar containing firm, plump and incredibly delicious meat. We are hopefully going to order a dozen tomorrow, in the shell for a Christmas dinner appetizer! YUMMY!

Right next to the Fanny Bay Oyster Seafood Shop looked to be a little fruit and vegetable store. I thought I would wander in while Richard was getting our halibut for dinner.

Looks like a little cafe selling fruits and vegetables right?

Boy was I wrong!

This little, tiny weeny store was crammed full of imported olive oils and vinegars!

Organic pasta sauces and peppers.


(Sorry about that. I can’t get that line above to delete!)

Pestos and antipastos!

Me channeling my inner Frida Kahlo. Coffees and chocolates, candles and cosmetics.

Linens, pillows and wool hats

More hats and dog leashes.

Such an interesting store. A cross between Whole Foods, Trader Joes and a local fruit and vegetable depanneur and in the basement of the Petro Canada gas station, only 6 minutes up the road, at the Buckley Bay ferry terminal to Denman and Hornby Island.

Buckley Bay Ferry terminal right behind where I was standing taking photos of our little fish market, fruit and veggie market.

We arrived home to find both of our neighbours out chatting about the fees the RV Park is charging one of them to move with 15 days notice to another park in Parksville, B.C. It’s too bad we are going to lose one of our neighbours at the end of the month, but its closer to shopping and town for them in Parksville.

Richard noticed when he entered Newman that my seat at the front of the rig had brown stains on it Oh no! Newman has been leaking onto my seat!!! Richard quickly grabbed our neighbour Steve and together they borrowed a big ladder, and up Steve went to check out the roof. Richard was very worried he would have to get up on the roof and use some Dicor self leveling sealant on the roof with only 30 minutes of daylight left for the day. Steve quickly found the problem was that our rubber boot that went over our antenna, where the co-axel cable goes through, had popped off. He was able to push it down and now its sealed and not leaking!

Richard and Steve fixing the roof.

Good thing this quick repair was fixed today because we have a weather warning in effect and from the National Weather Service they are calling for “A vigorous frontal system, with 40-60mm of rain by late Friday afternoon. Imagine calling rain “vigorous”. That’s a very catchy name!

Let’s hope Newman’s roof doesn’t leak tonight with the rain!!!

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