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3 weeks....4,390 Kilometres!!!

What a relief! WE MADE IT TO THE ISLAND!!!!

If you’ve been following our blog you would understand how we feel. Having never driven across Canada before (me), I’m so very, very happy we have arrived on Vancouver Island!

Last night we were tired and wanted to head to bed around 10pm at the Tsawwassen RV Resort where instead of being able to go to sleep we had to listen to Eric Clapton, Blue Rodeo etc etc from the RV next to us. We had no park “rules” sheet so we put up with it until 11pm when it finally stopped. All the more reason why we needed to get out of that “resort?!” And get over to the island.

This morning Richard decided before we left the “resort” he was going to surreptitiously try and wash Newman. Newman was filthy from our cross Canada tour and we didn’t want to be showing up looking like nobody loved him! It was +8C and pouring rain while Richard washed Newman. As Richard was washing the rig our RV neighbour loaned him a sprayer and a longer hose to make sure he could wash the entire RV. Turns out the guy next door was from the Gaspe and his neighbour knew Richard’s Uncle Robbie Kimball. It seems that everywhere we have been on this trip Richard has known or met someone from Quebec! RV’ers are really friendly and helpful folks and they look out for their own we are discovering.

We left our “resort” and headed to Cobb’s Bread to stock up on some bread, ham and cheese croissants for the ferry ride and some scones. Richard went to Canadian Tire to buy a flexible hose (as seen on TV) to have a longer hose to be able to wash the RV in the future.

We were so close to the ferry at our “resort” and we arrived early at 11:30 for a 1pm ferry crossing. We weren’t the only ones lined up that early!

They started loading the ferry around 12:47pm and surprisingly we left Tsawwasen promptly at 1pm. Way to go BC Ferries!

The weather was not the best for our ferry crossing with 45km/hr winds and rain coming down sideways at 8C. We crossed between Galiano Island and Mayne Island and it was nice to get out on the passenger deck to take some photos of the scenery on the islands.

We were first on the ferry in the truck/RV deck 2 so we had this amazing view as we came into Schwartz Bay, Vancouver Island.

Waiting to get off the ferry

The new crew is waiting to start their shift on the ferry for the 3pm crossing back to Tsawwasen.

From the ferry we drove directly to our site at Pedder Bay RV resort in Metchosin which was about an hour drive from Swartz Bay where the ferry docked.

We think we have died and gone to heaven in terms of RV parks! What a contrast from the dump we were in last night! We even have our own deck on the water!!! Apparently there are only 3 sites in this entire park that have a deck on the water and they are booked a year in advance. We were able to get this spot for a full 7 we are very happy with our good luck!

Our deck overlooking the marina

Sunset on Peddar Bay...and why driving 4,390 kilometres over the past 3 weeks is all worth it! We did it! We are here for the winter and so happy to be able to start exploring and adventuring around beautiful Vancouver Island!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures as we explore this beautiful place!

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